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Lake Garda Resorts

List of all Lake Garda resorts

Bardolino is one of the bigger resorts on the south-eastern side of Lake Garda. This bustling town is famous for the wine and olives is produces, evident in the surrounding hills covered with Olive groves and vineyards. The town is set around the pretty harbour and main square and lies between Garda to the north and Lazise to the South, along the lake side promenade. Bardolino has plenty to offer by way of culture and history with 11th and 12th century architecture and frescoes from the same period, and the sights of Lazise and Garda close by. If you walk along the promenade from Bardolino, the lakeside is lined with grass verges and small jetties for bathing. Bardolino also has a traffic-free centre and the cosmopolitan cafes and restaurants with live music give the town a vibrant atmosphere at night, perfect for sampling some of the local wine.
Best for: Flora and fauna, scenery, culture and scenery
Transfer: 45min from Verona

Desenzano is one of the bigger busier resorts with great shopping and a lively nightlife. Set on the southern end of Lake Garda, known as the gateway to the lake, Desenzano offers the best of vibrant Italian culture in beautiful surroundings. This thriving town has two harbours, three beaches and a huge variety of shops, bars and restaurants. Desenzano is the heart of the nightlife of southern Lake Garda and in the summer the pedestrianised shopping area and piazzas come to life with impromptu live music and crowds of people. Discover the historic centre with its medieval castle. Take in the panoramic views from the top and enjoy the surrounding hills by walking on the numerous trails through the vineyards.
Best For: Shopping, Nightlife, Culture
Transfer: 1 hour from Verona

Garda is one of the bigger resorts on Lake Garda and is a great all round options, especially for families. It is on the south- eastern shore of Lake Garda and set in a sheltered bay surrounded by gentle hills. The lovely setting of Garda amongst the Olive groves, vineyards and Cypress trees gives the resort a very relaxed feel even though it is a busy place with many interesting shops, Friday market and lively nightlife. All along the lake front and promenade are charming cafes, sophisticated restaurants and enticingly colourful ice-cream parlours. A lovely place to sit, unwind and enjoy the spectacular views.
Steeped in history with settlements dating back to prehistoric times, there are many historic sites to take in whilst strolling around the traffic-free streets. Some highlights are the Palazzo del Capitano and the Villa Albertini. Along the coast road visit the Villa Canossa with its beautiful garden and on the promontory of San Vigilio, the Villa Guarientiere. Garda offers plenty of activities including walking, waterskiing, sailing, pedalos and cycling. You can also cycle the promenade all the way to Peschiera, where there are a number of theme parks.
Best for: All round facilities, families, lakes, scenery, culture and activities
Transfer: 1 hour from Verona

Gardone Riviera is a quiet, tranquil resort, which has an air of elegance from a bygone era of opulence. The resort is full of ornate architechture and impressive villas and of note is the beautiful Grand Hotel, which has paid host to many celebrities such as Nabakov, Maugham and Winston Churchill drawn here by the relaxing and regenerating atmosphere of Gardone Riviera. The traffic centre and lovely promenade, lined with cafes and eateries are an ideal place to enjoy a quiet drink and take in the magnificent views of the harbour and the Lake Garda. In Gardone you also have an opportunity to visit Il Vittoriale, the quirky home of the infamous poet and fervent nationalist Gabriella D’Annunzio, complete with full size battleship built into the hillside. Also worth a visit are the Andre Heller botanical gardens which are a delightful flower-filled oasis for plant and art lovers alike, with different climate zone and more than 30 pieces of modern sculpture.
Best for: Gardens, Lakes, Scenery, Culture
Transfer: 2h from Verona

Limone is a beautiful lively little place built against the mountain face on the northwest side of Lake Garda. The abundance of flowers on the lakeside and especially bougainvillea and geraniums covering the buildings give Limone a special charm. The setting of this resort amongst the rock formations and stunning views gives it a very dramatic feel and walking around the often steep little cobbled streets there is a lot to take in, with a feeling of excitement around every corner. Limone has plenty of attractions including late shopping, free guided walks, the occasional fireworks display and weekly concerts held in the square, two harbours and a lovely wide promenade contrasting with the narrow back streets.
Best for: Scenery, Walking, Culture, Active
Transfer: 2h30 from Verona

Lazise (C) has ancient walls completely surrounding the town and 14th century Scaliger castle. Situated on the southern end of Lake Garda, Lazise is one of the most striking resorts on the lake. The lakeside promenade is one of the most picturesque, from the charming eateries, lovely harbour and impressive paving. The cobbled streets leading you away from the lakeside edge are filled with shops selling local produce to more exclusive names. The centre of town life is the grand Piazza Emmanuele with many restaurants, cafe and ice-cream parlours to choose from.
Best for: Culture, Active
Transfer: 40 min from Verona

Malcesine is Lake Garda’s most popular resort, situated in the middle of the eastern shore at the foot of Monte Baldo, the highest mountain around Lake Garda. Malcesine is a busy little town with lots of character and plenty to explore. The sloping and stepped little cobbled streets lead you up to the 13th Century Scaliger Castle, a popular location for weddings, and they lead you down again to the lovely lakeside promenade offerings you shopping, cultural sights and culinary delights along the way. The relaxing traffic-free town centre is a wonderful place to enjoy the views and soak up the atmosphere. Val di Sogna at the end of the promenade is perfect for cooling down in the lake and trying your hand at the many watersports that a Lake Garda holiday offers. Walking, hiking and mountain biking are well catered for in Malcesine, with access to exceptional trails at the top of Monte Baldo, accessible by cable car, this also affords you with spectacular views of the whole lake.
Best for: Scenery, Walking, Culture, Active
Transfer time: 1h30 from Verona

Peschiera is good family oriented resort, with plenty of activities, good transport links and Italy’s best theme parks located nearby. Peschiera is the most southern resort on Lake Garda and is where the lake drains to the Mincio Rivers. This strategic location has meant that the town has a long and battle worn history, evidence of which is seen all around the centre and in the considerable fortifications. The centre is the most vibrant part of town with historic buildings, shops and lake and river side restaurants. It is a relaxing place to spend the evening, taking in the atmosphere and scenery.
Best for: Families, Cultural, Active
Transfer: 45min from Verona

Riva is the biggest resort in the northern half of Lake Garda, with the great shopping and vibrant nightlife, it is also one of the most popular destinations on the lake. Set on the most northern corner of the lake in majestic mountainous surroundings, with towering rockfaces, it is a truly dramatic place. Riva also has plenty of style and character, with 12th century architecture, little shop lined side streets leading into wide bustling squares with elegant cafes and restaurants. Riva also has lovely parks and playgrounds, a long promenade that connects you to Torbole and beautiful secluded beaches. Riva’s location also makes it an ideal resort for cycling, adventure sports and hiking.
Best for: Cycling, Nightlife, Scenery, Walking, Culture, Active
Transfer time: 2 h from Verona

Salo (I) situated on the west side of Lake Garda is one of the more tranquil unspoilt lakeside resorts. It has a very pleasing lakeside, the longest promenade on the lake, a good selection of high quality shops, excellent restaurants and a Saturday market. The resort dates back to the Romans time and has cultural sights in abundance with elegant classical architecture, especially lining the lakeside promenade, some churches and a cathedral. In 1943 Mussolini made has last attempt for power from here, “The Republic of Salo”, commandeering 16 buildings for the cause, you can pick up a booklet at the tourist info which has all the details. For a stunning view of Salo, walk along the promenade to the small beach to the south, looking back at the bay with the mountainous backdrop. You could also take a trip to the largest Lake Garda Island, Isola del Garda, and explore the serene island in the company of one of the aristocratic owners, ending with a tasting of oil, cheese and wine from the family estates.
Best for: Flora or fauna, Lakes, Scenery, Culture
Transfer: 1h45 from Verona

Sirmione is set on a peninsula that juts out into the southern end of Lake Garda and is one of the lake’s most popular resorts with a wealth of wraparound views. With its relaxing thermal waters, spectacular location and unbelievable beauty, Sirmione has been a choice destination throughout the ages, from Catullus in Roman times to Maria Callas more recently. Access to the old town and Scaliger castle is over the drawbridge and through the city walls. Sirmione’s old town is a quaint and charming and completely unique, with traffic free colourful streets full of shops, cafe and bars to enjoy. Right on the tip of the peninsula away from the hustle and bustle you will find the ruins of a Roman villa, the Grotto of Catullus, there are plenty of places to swim en route and the water is beautifully clear making Sirmione a favourite bathing area. There are extensive spa facilities in Sirmione drawing on the reported therapeutic powers of the thermal waters found there, which are perfect for a pampering, relaxing retreat.
Best for: Scenery, Spas, Culture, Active
Transfer: 40 min from Verona

Torbole (I) is set amongst the mountains at the northern end of Lake Garda near the source of the Lake, the Sacra river, where the turquoise water is beautifully clear. Popular for windsurfing, due to the prevalent windy conditions, it is a famous destination for hosting competitions in the sport and host an annual Surfing festival. Torbole used to be a boating village and has a picturesque little harbour. The relaxed cafe culture and focus on adventure pursuits make Torbole the perfect place to enjoy an active holiday, made all the more special with the dramatic scenery. Walking along the lakeside promenade there are a number of shingle beaches, used as launching points for the surfers and by bathers alike. The promenade runs all the way to Riva, which is a great place for those looking for a bit more style and excitement especially in the evening. For spectacular views of Torbole and Lake Garda, venture to Nago, on a spur of rock just to the north of Torbole.
Best for: Beaches, Cycling, Flora or fauna, Scenery, Walking, hiking, Climbing
Transfer: 1h45 from Verona

Torri del Benaco is a tranquil and unspoilt retreat; a pretty resort, with the town itself being its main attraction. Dominated by the Scaliger Castle, this medieval town is packed full of characterful buildings and historic sights, has a charming port and gives a real Italian experience without the crowds of some of Lake Garda’s other resorts. Enticingly peaceful, Torri is an idyllic place to soak up the sun and take in the lake and mountain views. The hills around Torri del Benaco also offer some of the best walking trails accessible around Lake Garda
Best for: Cycling, Sightseeing, Walking, Culture, Active
Transfer: 1h from Verona

Maderno (C) is set mid-point on the western side of Lake Garda and is paired up with Toscolano, they are separated by the river. Maderno is on the south side and is the more picturesque of the two, situated in a small semicircular bay. Surrounding the bay is a long palm-lined promenade, great for walking along and taking in the sites. The restaurants, hotels and monuments add to the traditional charm. The best beaches are found in this area, with the shingle being covered with sand, Maderno having one with a beach Bar. Toscolano is a bit more ordinary as it has a bit more industry, with old paper mills and printing works but it has many campsites, often on the beach.
Best for: Culture, activity
Transfer: 2h from Verona

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