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Family holidays

Turn the ultimate test of your sanity into a magical week of shared experience, with a family holiday tailored exactly to you and your brood. Jump in together for a rollercoaster ride filled with equal parts joy and hilarious mishap, or choose a stress-relieving 'relaxathon' where the kids are entertained and treated all waking hours, while you let the workaday cares ebb away on sunkissed shores...

SNO surprise booking holidays can feel like hard work, when you're desperate for everyone to have a fantasy family vacation, so don't leave it to chance - browse the best and most popular destinations and packages for families below and get yourselves booked in! Struggling for inspiration? Call our friendly experts to discuss exactly what floats your boat, because we've either been there before or know a customer who has, and we'll help you find your perfect trip.

Top family holiday destinations

Family hotels

From child-friendly complexes with waterparks, to 5 star luxury with kids clubs, or private island all inclusive resorts, we have a range of family hotels to fulfil any desire and fit every budget.  These family-friendly hotels take the strain by entertaining and caring for the kids, to ensure it's a holiday for parents too.

Family holiday magic

Congratulations, brave soul, on deciding to embark on a family holiday!

Get ready to spend "quality time" with your nearest and dearest by booking a trip designed specifically for families:

Avoid endless hours of "I'm bored" or mastering the art of mediating sibling conflicts, family holidays need not involve a crash course in patience and diplomacy. Spending 24/7 with your loved ones is a joy in the right destination.

Brace yourself for a series of shared experiences that will make you question your sanity. From navigating unfamiliar public transportation systems to attempting to communicate with locals using charades, these moments will become the stuff of family legend and inside jokes.

Forget the guidebook - family holidays can encompass immersive cultural education. Prepare to enlighten your offspring with profound knowledge like, "Did you know that in some places, people eat things we wouldn't even touch?"

Amidst the chaos and occasional eye-rolling, family holidays are a unique chance to bond with your loved ones. Whether you're surviving airport security together or squished like sardines in an economy plane seat, shared moments create a bond and you'll be telling the stories for years to come.

Ah, yes, the epitome of relaxation. But be prepared and avoid a trip filled with endless decision-making, managing unpredictable schedules, and navigating crowded attractions... or maybe you like it fast and furious? Who needs a spa retreat when you can experience the exhilaration of herding cats? Embrace the chaos and remind yourself that relaxation is overrated anyway.

Expand your kids' horizons by exposing them to bizarre customs, unusual traditions, and mind-boggling sights. Prepare for questions like, "Why do they do that?" and enjoy the challenge of explaining concepts that you don't quite understand. Parenting as exercise in improvisation.

Holidays are a time to create family traditions to be passed down the generations. Whether the annual "Who can lose their luggage first?" competition or classic "We always get lost in every new city" adventure, these traditions become the foundation of your family's unique brand of chaos.

If your family holiday is not be the epitome of relaxation, they do create opportunities to embrace physical activities and enjoy the great outdoors. From carrying overloaded backpacks to chasing after runaway beach balls, your muscles will thank you for the unintentional workouts. No need for the gym when you have kids, right?

Amidst endless negotiations, meltdowns, and tantrums, are found endless opportunities to fine-tune your communication skills. Take advantage of moments when everyone is at their "hangry" peak to practice your diplomatic prowess and build a stronger bond with your loved ones. Who needs professional mediators when you have the power of family travel diplomacy?

Gear up for an adventure of a lifetime and venture into the realm of family holidays. Embrace the chaos, laugh at the absurdity, and cherish the memories that will make you chuckling in years to come. Family holidays might seem about surviving the madness, but it's the humour and shared experience that brings you together.

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