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Tall palm trees and sun umbrellas lines up along the coast of a beautiful tropical beach

Caribbean holidays

Warm in every sense of the word; the people, the climate and the colour palette - the Caribbean is much more than a pretty face. Enchanting at every turn, the quintessential Caribbean charm shines through each reef and cay - every island proudly displaying their distinctive quirks and character, and tales of their complex past.

A remote corner of the globe, we have a lot to thank the Caribbean for... reggae and rum for one! This idyllic landscape boasts more than just beautiful beaches: get inspired by the Caribbean's and Mexico's eclectic panoramas of jungles, mangroves, rivers, waterfalls and a whole treasure trove of mother nature's gems.

Caribbean holiday destinations

Hotels in the Caribbean

Built on the relaxed foundation of the Caribbean island vibe, the hotels here don’t put a foot wrong. Relax and sip on a rum punch as aqua seas sparkle, silky-soft sand sieves between your toes and palm trees dance to the dulcet tones of reggaeton.

We have handpicked the best hotels to fit every type of holiday and suit all types of holidaymaker. From family holidays, romantic getaways and active watersports hotels, to the ultimate luxury vacay. Peruse exceptional packages – they won’t disappoint.

Where is the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is a region of the Americas made up of more than 700 different islands, reefs and cays. With only 2% of these inhabited, the islands are dispersed across the Caribbean Sea and surrounding coasts, sandwiched between North and South America, and scattered southeast of the Gulf of Mexico. The region is divided into three major archipelagos that combine to create the West Indies – these are the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles and the Lucayan (or Bahama) Archipelago.

Given the region's complicated history of slavery and conquest, only around a dozen of the islands are independent, while others have remained European colonies. The Caribbean is home to the indigenous Carib and Arawak groups whose populations have slowly decreased. This complex history of colonisation has brought innumerable languages to their shores, including Spanish, English, Dutch, French, Papiamento and many more.

Due to the Caribbeans outspread, the climate and topography of each island are incredibly diverse, where some islands are flat as a pancake and some home volcanoes and mountains. The tropical climate is heavily influenced by the difference in trade winds and the hurricane belt which runs through the region. The hurricane season affects the islands in all manners of ways, sometimes dramatically.

Caribbean travel FAQ

With quite literally hundreds of islands, cays and reefs, you'll find bundles of things to do in this remote corner of the world – and it's not all sand and sea. Get out of your comfort zone by ziplining, climbing volcanoes and deep-sea diving; get inquisitive by visiting old plantations, indigenous villages and forts; or see nature's best side by exploring lagoons, cays and jungles. That being said, there's always a sunbed on the beaches for when your comfort zone looks more inviting.

Unforgettable things to do and see in the Caribbean include:

  • Non-stop aquatic fun at Atlantis Paradise Island and Aquaventure waterpark in the Bahamas.
  • Climb cascading waterfalls at Dunn's River Falls & Park in Jamaica. A unique adventure in the beautiful 'land of rivers and springs.'
  • Tick off one of the most iconic viewpoints in the Caribbean - Shirley Heights Lookout in Antigua and Barbuda. Once a military base, the lookout offers jawdropping, expansive views over English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour.
  • Go kayaking over a bioluminescent bay. Only five of these bays exist in the world, and three of them are in Puerto Rico!
  • Spend the day on the remote, idyllic desert island of Saona, near the Dominican Republic. Enjoy perfect pearl-white beaches, clear blue sea and stunning coral reefs.
  • See humpback whales making their annual trip to warmer waters between January and March. The best places for whale watching in the Caribbean are Samana (Dominican Republic), the north coast of Basse Terre (Guadeloupe) and Grenada.
  • Come and see the legendary swimming pigs at Major Cay in the Exumas (Bahamas).
  • Explore the beautiful historical centre of Old Havana in Cuba. Full of architectural treasures, churches, cobbled streets and colourful houses.
  • Dust off your hiking boots and discover the spectacular viewpoints and forts across Pigeon Island National Park in St. Lucia.

White, gold, black and pink sand-encircled shorelines: you’ll have to see these beaches to believe them. An enigmatic spectrum of blues and greens wash miles of coastline – blurring with the forever-blue skies. Whether you’re the cocktail-in-hand, flop-on-a-sunbed type, or the underwater, coral reef exploring type – you're certain to have the time of your life.

The most iconic beaches in the Caribbean include:

The Caribbean's beautiful backdrop is matched only by the explosion of flavours found in some of the most mouth-watering cuisines and beverages on the planet. You’ll be familiar with the famed jerk chicken, plantain and coconuts, but have you tried curried goat, saltfish, breadfruit or callaloo?

Whatever you’re having to eat, be sure to partner it with the Caribbean's best asset – their rum! I’m sure you’ll be taking some of these recipe's home to help you recreate your holiday... shame you can’t take the beaches, but that's why we always come back!

The Caribbean is a rich tapestry quilted together from a complicated past - a history plagued by colonisation and slavery. Although a bloodied past, the inhabitants of these islands have embraced their island’s melting pot, proudly presenting their unique cuisines, spectrum of languages, African heritage and their flamboyant carnival season!

Excited to experience the best Carnival in the Caribbean? Check out Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival in March, Jamaica's Carnival in July, St. Vincent & The Grenadines' Vincy Mas in July, Barbados' Crop Over in August and Grenada's Spice Mas in August.

The tropics' most laid-back nations, the islands of the Caribbean, are blessed with the most enviable of climates, pretty much all year round! With only two seasons - the wet and the dry - the islands remain perpetually sun-soaked, providing enough vitamin D for the whole globe.

Luckily, the best time to snag a Caribbean holiday is in the UK’s miserably cold winter months - the prime time to get away from the grey and drizzle. Peak season falls between December and March, when the climate is at its paradisiacal peak. Hurricane season lands June to November, with the weather in October being the least reliable. We love it here year round, and it's certainly the cheapest then but, if you want to home-in on the best deals, many regulars argue the sweet spot is May, June and November.

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