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All-inclusive group holidays

A trip with your mates should be nothing but fun throughout, and the best way remove all the complications of 'herding cats' is to book your gang onto a group holiday with everything already included! No need for a mini-budget because Liz was 'only here for half an hour', no need for the rest of you to fund Boris' massive drinking habit... in fact the only decision will be who's turn it is to order at the free-bar. When you just want to focus on the fun and bonhomie with none of the faff, all inclusive holidays are the way to go.

Popular all inclusive group holidays

All-inclusive hotels for groups

When it's just your family holiday or you're going on a couples getaway, you might decide your small group is all about the exploring or activities, and not care too much where you lay your head. On a group trip, the hotel is much more important, and picking an all-inclusive option means no one has to worry about keeping up with the spending while you're away together. Here we've curated some of the most popular all-inclusive hotels for large groups.

Choosing your inclusive group holiday

Pehaps the biggest two tricks for you as the organiser, is to be really certain of (i) who/how many are going, and to know (ii) exactly what is the maximum budget of every person in your group.

The most 'pro' group trip organisers get deposit money from everyone and an agreed date, before they even start the holiday search. Why? Because experience has taught the hard lesson that everyone is 'definitely going' when you first talk about it in the pub, but those numbers shrink fast when asked to commit to a date, and reduce further when it's time to pony-up-the-dough.

Similarly, if you don't take time time to speak with each person in private (don't make them say it in front of the group) to get honest their maximum budget (plus expectations of star-rating or hotel quality) it's all too easy to propose options to the whole group that some will privately feel they can't afford. Everyone will (and should) get over-excited, so it's OK to keep gently reminding everyone what's most important here i.e. getting the whole gang together (picking something everyone can afford), rather than maxing out the luxury, at the behest of those with the deepest pockets.

Top Tip: cater to multiple different budgets by proposing options that everyone can afford, and letting the more flush know what upgrades might be available, such as rooms with balcony or suites.

Much of this advice comes from more than a decade of helping customers to organise group ski holidays, and the benefits of booking all-inclusive ski holidays for your pals are exactly the same as when organising a group beach holiday.

Why book your group's all-inclusive holiday with SNO

  • ATOL protected
  • Enjoy peace of mind with financial protection on packages
  • Price match promise
  • Find a lower price and we'll match it
  • Speak to a travel expert
  • Find the perfect holiday to suit your travel style
  • Low deposits
  • Secure your trip with a deposit & spread the cost


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