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Welcome to SNO. Travel good.

Welcome to SNO. Travel good.

We believe “booking is as exciting as going”
But the really lucky ones get to work in travel!

Ski Sales Jobs in London

We’re changing how the world travels – want to get involved?

Ski Sales Consultant

You’re ambitious and talented at booking ski/board travel, and want to work with other top talent >> we’re the best ski travel agent in the world, building the ultimate res’ team >> it’s a no-brainer, contact us right now.

Perhaps you’ve proven your ability in ski sales and you want the professional pride of working in the UK’s top ski agency. Maybe you’ve worked at a tour operator and want to grow professionally by experiencing the wider industry. You might want to work somewhere with a great atmosphere, or choose to work in the fastest growing ski travel business, in order to maximise your chances for career progression. Whatever your career plans, drop us a line, to see if we should work together.

Senior Ski Consultant

If you’re already an experienced ski consultant and want to work somewhere with a more opportunities to progress, get in touch now, as we’re looking to grow our talented team. Apart from great pay among the industry’s best, we’re the only ski business growing at this speed, so SNO gives you opportunity for career progress. We’ll always consider great team leaders from outside the firm, but we really love to grow and promote our in-house talent, so why not come here to prove yourself ready to start moving up the career ladder.

Ski Sales Team Leader

You’re used to fun of fighting among the top of the monthly targets board, and your clients call back your direct line each winter, for your incredible service and product knowledge… but now it’s time to learn to lead from the front… take your first steps into coaching your peers and get the beginnings of people-management experience, in the role of ski sales team leader.

Marketing Travel Jobs in London

Help the fastest growing ski travel business grow faster!

Marketing Manager

You know how to ace each of the key elements of online market domination, and you want to use your powers for good. SNO contest. Contact us now.

Have you apprenticed with one of the big OTAs or a big-hitter ski specialist? Now you understand the methods of extracting maximum punch from every pound, it’s time to prove yourself, by architecting a complete marketing vision of your own.

Have you previously run a successful travel account at one of the big online marketing agencies? Come and tell us what you would implement for SNO to discover (i) what we have in common and (ii) what you can bring to the party that we don’t yet have.

Originally enthusiastic amateurs, now growing in expertise, we’re showing strong results, but we’re looking for a genuine pro to take the lead. Get in touch asap if you can lead our marketing to the next level.

Content Marketing Specialist

Do you love to research and write compelling copy? We’re looking for people with a passion for learning and for writing, but also keen to improve their own editorial abilities, with the help of our “former BBC exec” CEO. Get in touch with examples of your work and ideas that you think SNO could benefit from. We also consider freelance work, which many of our former interns have taken up.

Paid Search guru

You’re able to deeply analyse competitor paid search and keyword strategy, and set up and manage ROI metrics via Google Analytics, to target high value traffic with lower customer CPA. If you’re a one woman/man Adwords army, contact us.

Travel Marketing Internships

Our most successful interns have all been great writers first, yet very organised and results orientated. Read the section below to learn about travel marketing internships.

Software Developer Jobs

We’re changing how the world travels – want to code the future?

.net developer

We’re looking for that most rare breed of coding hero >> people who think lateral and scrappy like a startup’s dream-hire, but can execute like an experienced .net pro. All the cojones of the tech wild-west, all the scalability of enterprise-class foundations and tools. Can you do magical things with C# and MVC? Maybe your Graph API kung fu is strong enough to weave community into the very fabric of Call email SNOman.

Front End developer

Do you love making magical user experiences, and want to work in a team where you’re surrounded by talented and driven collaborators? SNO-surprise we’re the fastest growing ski business in the UK… but we’re just getting started… if you’d like to help marry the life-changing brilliance of travel, with the enabling technology that great travel deserves, contact us now.

SQL guru

Archimedes said “Give me a relational database, and I will run the world,” or something very similar. He didn’t work in a tech startup but, if he had, you know that it would have been SNO. Can you figure out how to re-engineer Expedia and to work better on a tenth of the hardware, with a hundredth of the tech manpower?

Full Stack developer / Systems Architect

At SNO the bar is set quite high, in our search for a full stack maestro. Our technical lead is both co-founder and full stack systems architect and developer. If you love the satisfaction of building the entire cunning-plan yourself, and you have the ambition and work ethic to run with the CEO on core growth projects, then there are a couple of ways we might work together:

(i) if you have experience of architecting massive OTA reservation systems and can eat APIs for breakfast, then clearly you can teach us a thing or two and we’d be lucky to have you… come and change travel with us.

(ii) if you can build fast and smart in C#, have experience of making MVC/JS/JQuery/SQL bend to your will, and you love our learn-as-you-code approach to innovation, then we can both learn a thing or two, and we’d be lucky to have each other. Come and change travel with us.

Technical Consultant

If you’re able to advise us on the bigger questions of architecting a large OTA system, which needs be able to run both accom/flight Dynamic Packaging, as well as pre-built Packages from our suppliers, in a system which can handle both the live-booking API connectivity of the accommodation suppliers and flight GDS alongside the less tech-developed players in the package ski industry… then we’d love to hear from you. We’re able to work confidentially, with advisors who may need to keep their profile and day-job separate from this kind of mentoring work.

Software Developer Internships

Think you can build fast and iterate your way to product features special enough to get talked about? Our best marketing hire was a former intern and our technical cofounder is technical lead >> we’d love to find our next generation of code warrior that way too.

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