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Frequently Asked Questions

When I book a SNO ski holiday, who is the tour operator in resort?

Your SNO holiday will be with either us, or one of the country's leading winter tour operators and we'll always tell you which supplier is organising your package at the time of booking. Nine out of ten of our package ski holiday sales are with one of the big 5 ski operators - Crystal Ski, Inghams, Thomson Ski, Neilson and First Choice Ski.

Why are SNO holidays protected by the Travel Trust as well as ATOL?

Air Travel Organisers Licence is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority and holdind an ATOL is a legal requirement for any company providing flights or package holidays which include flights.

We also provide "Supplier Failure Cover" from the TTA at our own expense because, although we only provide packages from the UKs biggest suppliers, we're dedicated to ensuring your holiday money is safe.

How is SNO Ski able to give the best prices online?

Put simply, its because we're independent.

Unlike the websites of the tour operators, we're not trying to sell you our own products, so we can help you find the best deals and the best ski holidays from the whole range available to UK skiers and snowboarders.

Why don't you charge any booking fees?

We think that the price you see online is the price you should pay, so we don't surprise you with an extra booking fee when its time to pay.

NB: Other booking fees - the holiday suppliers will normally add a "late booking fee" if you book in the last few weeks or month before travel, and we don't have any control over that (they make the same charge if you book direct with them), but we don't add any fees of our own.

Who's terms and conditions am I agreeing to when I book?

When you book a skiing package with SNO, you agree to the terms and conditions of which ever supplier's holiday you chose (ie the tour operator). When you call to book and pay, we'll let you know who the tour operator is for your holiday, so you know who's terms and conditions you will be bound by. This arangement is the UK travel industry strandard and basically means that, when you book through and "agent" (eg SNO Ski) you are bound by the terms and conditions of the "principle" (the tour operator, eg Inghams or Crystal etc). Our own terms and conditions are kept very simple and explain things like how long before departure your final balance is due, our cancellation policy, etc. Please read them to make sure you're happy with the ski holiday that you're booking.

I heard SNO made the first ski website for mobile phones?

Yes, we did and its still the most popular ski site on mobile-web. Just search for "sno" on your phone or type in the address www.sno.mobi to get over a million ski holidays and the worlds top 500 ski resorts, with live webcams, weather, ski schools, bars and more... the whole ski resort in your pocket!

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