Internships at SNO

Our internships give you a proper insight into the wonderful world of travel and online marketing. You’ll become an integral part of a small, friendly team – consider yourself one of the SNO family - gaining an understanding of how a fast-growing business thrives and contributing at the top level, alongside the MD and Marketing Coordinator.

We won’t have you making coffee or running errands – you’ll get first-hand experience with live projects, representing the company and building relationships with our partners all over the planet. We ensure you add all sorts of skills and experience to your CV, help you get a good understanding of digital marketing, teach you how the business works and give you feedback along the way, to help you develop your skills.

Successful interns have a passion for learning about online marketing and a big creative streak. You need to be a strong communicator and, crucially, have writing and research skills that we can help hone. With constant editorial feedback, you have the opportunity to learn how to write in ways which are both compelling and authentic. Skiing/snowboarding experience is not essential, but a passion for travel does come in handy! You must be eligible to work in the UK and need to be able to commute to our London office in sunny SW15.

If you want experience with the best in the business (we won the World Snow Awards to prove it) and kick start a career in marketing, we’d love to hear from you. Read our role description and success stories below; send a CV and cover letter to telling us why you’ve got what we need.

Undergraduate marketing internships

We have several 1-3 month programmes throughout the summer months and over the Christmas and Easter holidays too. Our most successful undergrad’ interns have stayed for the full 3 months, but we do try to help out with shorter courses, whenever we have space.

By getting a placement with us as a student, you’ll impress future employees, showing you’ve done something productive during the holidays, towards giving you an edge over other candidates when you start applying for jobs. Our interns pick up skills that are useful in their studies, too – read about their experiences below.

Rebecca (studying English Lit @ Brighton)

I spent my summer break from university on the marketing internship at Sno. My 3 months with the company were incredibly rewarding as I’ve seen my writing published online and worked with businesses all over the world. The team’s relatively small, so there’s always plenty to do and you get a real buzz out of knowing that your work is important!
Going into my third year, I also feel confident the skills in organisation and research that I’ve picked up will come in handy with the rest of my degree.
What makes Sno particularly special is that the team really do want to make the internship as valuable to you as possible. Before I left, Richard took some time helping me tailor my CV so that my experience at Sno would really stand out to future employers. I enjoyed the internship so much that I’m now set on a career in marketing and am hoping to study it for my Masters next year!

Jesse (studying English Lit @ Bristol)

Working for Sno was a really useful eye-opener into the world of online marketing. For a relatively small company to be so successful in a massively congested market you know that they’re run by people with real practical knowledge and experience. Learning from Richard and Naomi was fantastic and I like to think that I’ve taken some key early steps towards an exciting career in marketing.
On top of that, it’s great to know feel like they have confidence in my work; seeing it published on their website makes me really proud. It also means that I can show it to potential employers in the future. All in all, a really worthwhile placement: thanks so much!

George (studying French @ St Andrews)

Dear Richard and Iddi (and Naomi!) I just wanted to write a little note to say a massive thanks for the opportunity that you gave me to work at SNO and the amazing experience that I had there. I know the things that I’ve learned there will stay with me for many years. Thanks so much for all of your hospitality and kindness. I hope SNO continues to go from strength to strength and you have a great rest of the year. Thanks again, George

Maddie (studying English and French @ Southampton)

I interned with Sno during my third summer of university after returning from my year abroad. The job sounded right up my street: I could spend my summer writing, getting to know the world of marketing a little better, and to top it all off, use my languages!
I loved going to London every day, being part of the 'commute', and turning up to an office of fun, creative people who were passionate about the company and what we were putting out there to the online community. I especially loved “wine Fridays”, where we would bounce ideas off one another and share fun snowy things we'd discovered on the net that week.
With Sno, you have the chance to get that creative profile started, showing future employers just what you can do, thanks to someone believing that your words are good enough to be used on their website. I may not have become a billionaire that summer, but I came away with a wealthy CV that not many of my classmates can say they have. Approaching the end of my final year, I feel confident that my experience with Sno will only further my chances in finding a job in the highly competitive publishing circle.

Gideon (studying Business @ Birmingham)

As an undergraduate business major, I was looking for something which could really add to my CV, and you can't go far wrong than with one of the top online ski travel agencies in the UK! The internship helped me develop some essential transferable business skills, particularly helpful considering I'm planning on a future career in Marketing. I even applied as a relatively inexperienced skier, but researching and writing up articles for some of the world's best ski resorts really had me craving some snow! What made it an even more memorable experience, were the chilled lunches (weather permitting) in the sun, and an office-full of great people to show you the ropes...

Aimee (studying English Lit @ Southampton)

I found that an internship at SNO was a great way to break up the long summer holidays from University. I really enjoyed having something to keep me occupied – and the commute was a great time to get some reading done. I’ve learnt a lot about content marketing and I have had to push myself to write in different styles which I think will help me that little bit more for the third year of my degree. I also feel a lot more confident about having to apply for jobs and grad schemes as I know I now have the professional experience my CV was missing; I know I’m not going to be panicking at the last minute about not making the most of my time before graduating to get some more skills to make me employable.

Graduate marketing internships

Our 1-3 month graduate internship programmes operate year round. Doing an internship after you graduate helps you to use and develop the skills you got at university, keep your CV up to date and show future employers you’re prepared to work hard for a great opportunity.

If you have a degree and want to get on the career ladder, an internship with Sno can set you off on the best start to getting a new job. Our graduate interns have a great track record of going straight into permanent marketing roles (those that we haven’t kept on here).

Naomi (stayed on at SNO)

Doing an internship as a graduate was a great way to work out what I wanted to do in the long term (which turned out to be marketing ski holidays!). I’d studied English Literature at uni, so knew my strengths were in research and writing – two big things the role required.
I really enjoyed learning about marketing and the industry. From the first day I was given my own responsibilities and I could see the difference my work made every week. I was delighted when they wanted to keep me on as a permanent member of the team!
Over two years on and I’m still loving work at SNO – there’s always so much to learn and I’ve met some fantastic people along the way, both in the office and in destinations all over the world.
One of the best parts of my job is working with all the people who have done internships here. They really can show they’ve contributed, so they can put live projects on their CV and have gone on to great things as a result – we love to keep in touch and catch up over reunion fondues and BBQ’s here in the SNO garden! The best still do the odd bit of freelancing for us.

Louise (stayed on at SNO)

I joined Sno in 2013 after I moved to London as a fresh-faced graduate. I was looking for a job in marketing, and Sno was the perfect opportunity to build up some work experience. Apart from learning lots about the world of digital marketing and SEO, I also got to contribute to the online resort guide for several Swiss resorts that I had been to. So my written copy is now up on the website (which has really been invaluable for my CV). Writing for the website was a great way to apply my own experience and skills to the job because I already had some writing experience, I am a literature graduate, and I grew up in Switzerland as a teenager.
After I finished my internship I was offered a job at SNO as a sales consultant. The job offer was a natural extension from my internship - I had learnt a lot about the ski industry during my time at Sno, and I was keen to try my hand at a different side of the business. It was also nice to continue working together with the team as I had become friends with everyone there by then. The sales position also allowed me to develop the customer service and communications experience I already had under my belt. I am really glad I stayed on to see Sno grow into the best online ski travel company in the UK and I'm so proud of how far they have come (don't just ask me, Sno won the Telegraph ski awards that winter!). My work at Sno has also led me to my current position, working for a publishing and design company.

Tom (now a Media Executive)

I just wanted to say I received an offer for a full time role yesterday, which I'm seriously happy about. I also wanted to say I couldn't have done it without you guys, it was a great placement which definitely helped me get onto the career ladder. I really learnt a lot and in a lovely environment, and couldn't have asked to have met better people, so thank you so much.

Hannah (now travelling around the world)

I learnt all about SEO which was great as I had little understanding of it before my internship and I’m sure it will be beneficial to me when applying for jobs in marketing. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to be a marketing intern at Sno, I learnt lots and most of all had a great time with the lovely people that work there.

Harriet (now working in HR)

I interned at Sno last September/October which was a really valuable experience for me. I have no doubt it massively helped me obtain my current role at UBS in the HR department.

Michael (now working for Universal)

Doing an internship at Sno was a great opportunity for me to try my hand at creative writing and experience working life from within a small but successful startup company. During my time there I gained an insight into the marketing of a developing website and the competitive nature of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I really cared about the work I put in since my writing was published directly on to the website, and now I can use this to show it off to any future employers too. I'd recommend an internship with Sno as a chance to work in a friendly team environment and as a positive way to spend a few summer months if you're looking for ideas or direction after graduating.

Sean (now doing a MA in Journalism)

Learning about how SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) works, I was able to develop my writing skills during my internship. I have been able to take this forward into later copywriting jobs with LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor and the Online Publication, The Modern Mountain.
The work environment at SNO is friendly, sociable, and encourages you to develop your writing skills, while nurturing and guiding you along the way. It was an awesome 8 weeks I spent with them, and made things feel just that bit more Christmasy writing about snow covered resorts.

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