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Palm trees behind a white sand tropical beach with a crystal clear blue sea

Mexico holidays

A land of boundless beauty, ancient civilisations and vibrant festivals, Mexico's Caribbean coast is a highly sought-after holiday destination. Whether you’re chasing a thrilling adventure, a relaxing beach paradise or a bit of both, Mexico is waiting for you.

  • Flight time
  • 10h
  • From London
  • Currency
  • $
  • Mexican Peso
  • Time zone
  • GMT -6h
  • Capital
  • Mexico City
  • Language
  • Spanish
  • Religion
  • Roman Catholic

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5 facts about Mexico

  • Tequila is named after the town Tequila in Jalisco, where the blue agave plant is grown.
  • The smallest dog in the world, the chihuahua, is actually named after the Mexican state where the breed was first discovered.
  • Hot chocolate was enjoyed by Mexico’s ancient civilisations as early as 500BC.
  • The Mexican flag depicts an eagle perched on a cactus while devouring a snake, this image is inspired by an ancient Aztec legend.
  • Mexico is home to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, the stepped pyramid El Castillo in Chichen Itza.
 People standing on a grass field around a large temple in a tropical destination Mayan archaeological sites
People swimming in an underground pool of water in a cave Explore the wonders
 A cenote in front of a pristine white sand beach and the Caribbean ocean Pristine beaches
Towering wooden sculpture of a woman with tropical trees surrounding it Always something new to discover
Girl in snorkel mask underwater surrounded by tropical fish above a coral reef Underwater adventures
Woman wearing a bikini sitting on a rock next to a bright green pool of water - Lush landscapes and lagoons

Where is Mexico's Caribbean coast?

Mexico, situated in North America, shares borders with the United States to the north and Guatemala and Belize to the south. To the west and south, it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. On the east, Mexico is washed by the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean coastline extends from the island of Holbox to Grand Costa Maya in the southeast.

Airports in Mexico

There are many airports in Mexico, the main arrival airports with direct flights from the UK to Mexico are Mexico City International Airport (MEX), Cancun International Airport (CUN) and Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (PVR) in Puerto Vallarta. 

How to get to Mexico

Flights from the UK to Mexico take between 10 to 12 hours depending on your destination in Mexico. We have holidays with direct flights from London, Birmingham and Manchester. You can also fly indirectly from other UK airports. Call us for other flying options.

When to go to Mexico

Mexico enjoys a subtropical climate, making it a fantastic year-round destination. The dry season runs from December to April. This is the best time to visit the country, as the sun is always shining and rainfall is practically non-existent. The Yucatan Peninsula region tends to be particularly busy during holiday periods, such as Christmas, Easter and the end-of-year holidays. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, it is advisable to travel outside these periods.

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Average weather in Mexico

Jan - Jun
Jul - Dec
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*Daily average based on previous 5 years

Mexico culture & holiday FAQ

Mexican carnivals are bursting with colour, energy and joy. Over 200 carnivals are celebrated each year all over the country, the most famous being Veracruz and Mazatlán. Carnival usually takes place one week before Ash Wednesday, just before Lent commences. In Mazatlán, huge parades flood the streets which are also filled with food and drinks vendors, poetry recitals and art competitions. You can also expect to come across lots of brass bands lining the streets, filling the air with exuberance and festivity. Another highlight is the Naval Combat Battle Fireworks show, which re-enacts a historical event.

Music is a strong part of Mexican culture and has become known worldwide. The most famous is Mariachi music, which is often played at weddings, Quinceañeras, on Mother’s Day and especially women’s birthdays. A Mariachi band is made up of trumpets, classical guitar, violins and a vihuela (a five-string guitar). Mariachi musicians wear a Charro suit, which includes a silver-studded suit and a sombrero. Ranchera music takes inspiration from traditional Mexican folklore, songs of this genre usually revolve around love, nature and patriotism. Ranchero music often includes the classic high-pitched yell called ‘El Grito Mexicano’. Son is a genre of traditional music that is performed by a small ensemble, usually at celebrations, festivals and rituals.

Mexican cuisine is emblematic of the county’s diverse and complex history. Indigenous civilizations built the foundations of the county’s delicious and unique cuisine, these civilizations include but are not limited to the Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacan, Toltec and Aztec people. Spanish influences can also be seen in the country’s gastronomy, which in 2010 was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.

Popular dishes vary from region to region, but the undisputed national dish of Mexico is Mole, a thick sauce usually served with meat and rice. The sauce has many different variations around the country but is usually made up of spices, chillies, garlic, onion, dried fruit, nuts and chocolate. Other popular dishes include Huevos Rancheros (fried egg, tortilla and beans), Tamales (meat or vegetable filling wrapped in corn dough and banana leaves) Pozole (Chicken or pork broth), enchiladas, burritos and tacos.

Tequila has gained an international reputation, yet it all stems from the western region of Jalisco, homeland to the blue agave plant which gives tequila its unique flavour. Depending on the distilling technique used, different varieties of tequila are produced, including blanco, reposado, joven, añejo and extra- añejo. Tequila can be sipped neat with a wedge of lime, taken as a shot with salt and lime or crafted in a cocktail.

Margaritas and Palomas are popular tequila-based cocktails in Mexico, perfect for a refreshing sip in the warm sunshine. Another favourite is Kahlúa, a coffee liqueur that is often enjoyed as an after-dinner drink over ice, in a coffee or mixed in a cocktail. If you’re eager to try something different, order a Michelada, a spicy beer cocktail.

Agua frescas are a blend of fruit, seeds and water, these refreshing drinks are really popular in Mexico and come in lots of different flavours. For example, Agua de Jamaica, which is made from dried hibiscus flowers. Be sure to try Horchata, a sweet, creamy beverage made with cinnamon and white rice.

Football and boxing are currently the most popular sports in Mexico. Baseball, tennis and golf are also enjoyed across the country. When the Spanish Empire colonized Mexico hundreds of years ago, bullfighting was integrated into Mexican culture. Today, it remains extremely popular, and Mexico City is home to the largest bullring in the world, Plaza Mexico. A bullfight is often accompanied by Charrería, the national sport of Mexico. Charrería involves traditional folk dancing and horse riding, it has similarities with the American rodeo but involves much more artistic and stylised elements, as well as equestrian skill.

From luxury shopping facilities to traditional street markets, Mexico’s shopping scene is flourishing. In the markets, you’ll find intricate, handcrafted jewellery, mosaic art and pottery made by local artists and unique fashion garments. Street food vendors also sell a huge variety of delicious, authentic food. Mexico City is particularly good for shopping trips, both for international brands and street market one-of-a-kind finds. To name a few, Xinú is a high-end perfume brand specialising in botanical scents crafted from native flowers and seeds. Mercado Cero is a monthly marketplace which promotes zero-waste. Here you’ll find high quality, sustainable products.

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