Italian Lakes Holidays

Holidays to the Italian Lakes in 2024 & 2025 with SNO Holidays to the Italian Lakes in 2024 & 2025 with SNO

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Earth has millions of lakes but there’s something special about Italy’s, which poets, playwrights and painters have obsessed over since time immemorial. Abundant activities join delicious Dolce Far Niente, and the summer climate certainly has something to do with it – balancing glorious sunshine with gentle breeze.

Don’t forget all the food you can guzzle on the lakefronts - pizza, pasta, gelato - which everyone knows Italians do best. Or the fascinating history featuring Roman villas, medieval castles, grand Victorian hotels... To cap it all, there’s luxury by the boatload, from thermal spas and lavish lodgings to nights at the opera and local wine tastings.

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Holidays to Lake Garda

Garda’s Italy’s largest lake - a stonkingly good all-rounder that suits couples, families and absolutely everyone in between.

You’ll find the sportier villages at the top of the lake, where the climate is breezier for water sports and the landscape’s more mountainous for climbing, hikes and MTB. The further down the lake you go, the warmer the climate and flatter the land, making the southern villages perfect for leisurely holidays.

Find more about Lake Garda and its different resorts here.

Holidays to Lake Maggiore

Sharing its shores with Italy AND Switzerland, Maggiore’s a Belle Epoque beauty with lovely little islands and a delicious mix of cultures.

Holidays to Lake Como

Without doubt Italy’s most legendary lake - Como’s glamorous villas, grand hotels and glorious cuisine have been wowing the great and the good for centuries. Read more on Como here.

Images © Mattia Bonavida & Garda Trentino, Distretto Turistico dei Laghi Lake Maggiore & SNO

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