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Map of Lapland

We have mapped out each of the resorts we sell in Finnish Lapland for you, as you can see all resorts lie above the Arctic Polar Circle, except for Ruka. All these winter resorts have a fantastic snow record with snow falling as early as October and snowing on and off until April. With so much snow available for on average half of the year, entire villages and hotels are made from snow and ice – a must-see during your trip.

Finnish Lapland is one of Finland's least densely populated regions with only around 3.5% of its population living within the area. This leaves an impressive amount of winter wilderness to discover and explore. To give you more of a perspective on the vast wilderness of this incredible area, Finnish Lapland is home to around 200,000 reindeer and only 180,000 humans, meaning you are more likely to bump into a reindeer than a human!

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Where is Lapland?

Lapland is a region formed across the Northern areas of several countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia. The area is named after the local indigenous Sami tribes called these winter wonderland regions home for years. Lapland lies just North of the Arctic Polar Circle boasting some incredible winter scenery offering a once in a lifetime winter fairy-tale holiday.

We sell both 7-night Lapland ski holidays and shorter Santa Break trips to Finnish Lapland. Lapland is fast becoming a top family resort with around 38,750sq miles of unspoilt natural wilderness to explore.

Finnish Lapland is not only a beautiful place to ski, but it also offers up the opportunity to take part in some other local winter activities. A visit to Santa’s Workshop is available to book in November & December. Here you will receive a private family meeting with Father Christmas and get to participate in several other festive activities, including visiting Elf School and tobogganing. You can book Reindeer and Husky Safaris where you will be taken to local working farms and get to learn about their way of life before embarking on an exciting safari. Snowmobile Safaris are also another way to explore the snowy wilderness. We’d actually recommend booking two trips, one during daylight hours to be able to take in the wilderness in natural daylight and one night-time trip going in search of the Northern Lights!

Where to go in Lapland

We offer six fantastic resorts in Lapland: Levi, Phya, Ruka, Saariselka, Salla and Yllas. All these resorts are winter wonderlands with incredible surroundings and scenery, every resort offers the main winter excursions including Snowmobiling, Husky and Reindeer Safaris and seasonal trips to visit Santa available in November and December time.

Lapland short breaks

If you are looking at a Short Santa break, then we offer 2- or 3-night stays in Saariselka and 3- or 4-night stays in Levi and Yllas. These Santa Breaks run from the end of November and the last breaks will have you out there for Christmas itself.

Santa Breaks are wonderful trips for families offering a once in a lifetime holiday with oodles of winter wonderland excursions and excitement for all ages, the highlight obviously being the private meeting with Father Christmas hidden away in a snowy candlelit forest. Saariselka is a quiet town and the Northernmost resort on offer, the further North you are the more your chances of seeing the Northern Lights increases!

There is also a fantastic toboggan run in Saariselka which is one of the longest in Europe, this is a great way to spend some of your free time. Levi is the most built up resort on offer for Santa Breaks, but this does mean it has a lot more going on in terms of shops, restaurants and bars. It does mean everything is a lot more easily accessible in Levi and you still experience the true wilderness of Lapland whilst out on your excursions. Yllas has more of a chocolate box village feel with everything a lot more spread out, there will be some hopping on and off resort busses and a lot more walking to get around.

Lapland 7 night holidays

If you are looking to Ski in Lapland, then 7-night breaks are available from December through to until mid-February. 7 Night breaks are available to book in all 6 of our amazing resorts: Levi, Phya, Ruka, Saariselka, Salla and Yllas. We have listed out the ski area sizes below for you from the biggest to the smallest: Yllas 53km, Levi 44km, Ruka 24km, Phya 14km, Saariselka 12km and Salla 10km.

Locals actually prefer to Cross Country Skiing as just Skiing with it being a very popular national sport. With its subarctic temperatures Cross Country Skiing was the local mode of transport for decades past, meaning the trails in the region are endless! If you are heading to Lapland to Cross Country Ski then Yllas or Levi would be the resorts for you.

You can of course experience Lapland in Sweden, Norway and Russia but these are not destinations that we can book through our Winter suppliers. Norway and Sweden offer some incredible fjords and several UNESCO destinations, we can book Summer Holidays in Norway for you, give our sales team a call and they will be more than happy to help.

Lapland location FAQ:

Lapland is not a country, it is a region formed across the Northern areas of several countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia. It is named after the local Sami people who have lived in these regions for many years. Lapland has an excellent snow record with an average of 200 days a year of Snow as it lies above the Arctic Circle.

Finnish Lapland is around 38,750 sq miles. However, it is one of Finland's least densely populated regions with only around 3.5% of its population living within the area. Finnish Lapland offers some incredible winter scenery with this huge amount of untouched wilderness, which can be experienced through several fun fast-paced winter activities and excursions.

Part of Lapland is in Northern Finland, but it also ranges across several other Countries: Norway, Sweden, and Russia. Finnish Lapland is known as the home of Santa and offers stunning wilderness winter scenery for a large part of the year.

Lapland is an area of Northern Europe that spans across several Countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia. It is named after the local Sami people who have lived in these regions for many years. You may also hear Lapland referred to as Lapi, Sápmi, Sami Sápmi, or Finnish Lapi.

Lapland is not in the North Pole, but its geographical surroundings are very similar to that of the North Pole. Lapland is almost equally as cold as the North pole where temperatures can drop to as cold as -30°C. The North Pole is the Northernmost part of our globe, and Lapland is about 1,700 miles south.

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