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Write to Santa

How to write to Father Christmas from SNO

It’s not when shops start stocking advent calendars or playing festive songs – you know the magic and excitement of Christmas has well and truly begun when you sit down, pray you’ve made it onto the ‘nice list’ and start to write that all important letter to Santa...

Children the world over have been writing to Santa Claus for generations, hoping to wake up to a stocking filled to the brim on Christmas Day. The practice is still going strong with a huge flow of mail arriving at Santa’s post offices every year.

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Writing to Santa

Santa receives millions of letters during the countdown to Christmas, with British, Polish and Japanese children being the busiest writers.

It’s a popular British tradition to send our wish lists up the chimney from the fireplace so they’re magically transported by wind to Santa’s home; although another good way of making sure Santa receives your post is by mail. Because the world has a number of ‘official’ claims for Santa Claus’ address, you’ve got a pretty broad choice of where to send your Christmas lists and letters... Of course, Santa is most commonly thought to live at the North Pole or in Finnish Lapland, where his post office gets an average of 600,000 letters a year from 198 different countries!

National postal services sometimes pass on a response from Santa – a trend that began in the USA in 1912. The Royal Mail has done this in recent years with letters that get to them by the second week of December...

Naughty or Nice list

Alongside a list of this year’s must haves, it’s always worth including a bit about your good behaviour to make sure you get a spot on the Nice List.

Well-behaved children who make it onto Santa’s Nice List wake up to a stocking stuffed with goodies on Christmas morning, while kids on Santa’s Naughty List are traditionally given a lump of coal.

In true festive spirit, Santa’s usually very forgiving and doesn’t tend to leave anybody without a present, but it’s always good to be on your best behaviour in the lead up to Christmas just in case...

Image © Kimmo Syväri

Where to send your letters to Santa

If you’re planning to write to Santa this year, see below for addresses in the UK, Lapland and the North Pole …

In the UK:
Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto

Santa Claus
Santa Claus’ Main Post Office
Tähtikuja 1
FI – 96930
Arctic Circle

The North Pole:
North Pole
North Pole
H0H 0H0

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