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Ski Drinks Guide

Let’s be honest, ski holidays usually revolve around the drinking almost as much as the skiing. With an abundance of après ski bars and restaurants, all serving traditional and popular beverages, you will certainly have plenty of locations and opportunities to quench your thirst.

Each country in the snowy-peaked mountains has their own unique drinks for you to try, which will have you keep coming back for more. Why not even buy a bottle of a local speciality at the airport to savour the flavour long after your return home.

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French ski drinks

France is undeniably famous for its fancy food and fine wines, and that doesn’t stop at the base of the mountain. From a silky Pinot Noir to a hardcore Génépi, there are many delicious varieties of liquid refreshments to taste during your eagerly anticipated ski trip throughout the resorts across the French Alps.

Popular ski drinks in France

  • Vin Chaud – A warm spiced red wine drink, similar to mulled wine and glühwein.
  • Demi-peche – a French style shandy, featuring a shot of peach syrup in your lager – the perfect thirst-quenching drink for a cheeky elevenses
  • Chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) – a classic favourite among adults and children alike. Add a naughty twist to your hot chocolate with whiskey, Baileys, brandy, or schnapps.
  • Génépi – a strong traditional herbal liqueur. Usually shotted after a filling evening meal.
  • Toffee Vodka – possibly the smoothest, most drinkable shot in the Alps! A tasty combination of vodka and toffee sweets mulled overnight, to easily slip down at après.

Austrian ski drinks

If there’s one thing Austria does best, it’s beer. There’s nothing quite like a cold beer on a terrace in the glorious sunshine surrounded by picturesque views. When it comes to après, Austrian’s are known for their carefree, gung-ho approach. Classically you’ll find shots of Schnapps floating around while you’re having the time of your life dancing on the tables with fellow skiers/boarders.

Popular ski drinks in Austria

  • Schnapps – a liqueur that comes in various flavours, such as apricot, pear, apple or peach, among more.
  • Glühwein – Austria’s take on mulled wine, consisting of red wine, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and fresh orange.
  • Spezi – a mixture of cola and orange soda originating from Germany
  • Stiegl – one of the most popular brands of beer in Austria
  • Jagertee – a warm alcoholic punch, made from black tea and rum

Italian ski drinks

Not only famous for palatable wines and perfect coffee, Italy offers a wide variety of flavours to sip on during your ski holiday. Try the esteemed Aperol Spritz that burst onto the scenes a few years ago and exploded in popularity across the mountains, far and wide, becoming one of the most sought-after slope-side cocktails.

Popular ski drinks in Italy

  • Aperol Spritz – a fruity spritz consisting of an orangey tasting Aprerol liqueur, prosecco, and soda water.
  • Bombardino – an indulgent creamy hot drink made with advocaat or eggnog and brandy, topped with whipped cream.
  • Caffé Corretto – delicious Italian coffee with a dash of grappa, sambuca or brandy.

Swiss Ski Drinks

Swiss ski resorts tend to be sophisticated and luxurious, and the drinks are no exception. Think flavoursome goblets of wine perfectly paired with your evening meal, a glass of Glühmost on cold day up the mountain, and Jägerbombs for the wilder times in the bars.

Popular ski drinks in Switzerland

  • Jägerbombs – a shot of Jägermeister dropped into a small glass of Red Bull, to be downed in one!
  • Hypokras – warm native alcoholic drink combined with white wine, red wine, black tea, cinnamon, sugar, cloves, ginger, and oranges.
  • Glühmost – like a Glühwein but with apple cider instead of red wine
  • Schümli Pflümli – a tasty creation of coffee and Zwetschgen schnapps, topped with whipped cream.
  • Kirsch - a cherry brandy made from sour morello cherry juice. Drunk on its own, in cocktails and in cooking.

Canadian Ski Drinks

Canada is known for their craft beer and après favourite, apple cider. Skiers in Canada are usually looking for a way to maximise their time on the slopes and so après begins a little later. Most mountain restaurants on this side of the pond are canteen style, so perfect for grabbing a bit to eat and drink before making the most of your afternoon skiing and then enjoying a well-deserved local craft beer at the end of an intense day’s skiing.

Popular ski drinks in Canada

  • Caesar – the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary, consisting of vodka, tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce and Clamato juice (tomato juice and clam broth).
  • Craft beer – locally produced beer.
  • Canadian Whisky – a typically lighter and smooth whisky produced in Canada.
  • Vidal Blanc – a Canadian dry white wine. Very resistant to the cold and low in tannins. Definitely one to try alongside your evening meal.

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