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Skiing with teenagers

Secrets to ensure both you and your teenage offspring have a blast this winter.

Skiing with Young Teenagers (up to 16)

They want to be with you some of the time but also crave a little freedom, so resorts with great terrain parks have become the unofficial hangout of teenage skiers. Staying near the slopes helps mornings get off to a quick start and you can pop back to feed their never ending hunger. Snacks are important, if you don’t want to spend a lot eating on the mountain. Big resorts are exciting, but you may be more confident letting them explore alone in a smaller village.

Skiing with Older Teenagers (over 16)

Not really children anymore, skiing with your grown up children is terrific fun because you can plan time together amidst a holiday in which they will generally be more independent… and that means so will you! Stay in touch via mobile and make sure they let you know when they’re not coming home(?!?) to avoid any frantic late night man-hunts or phone calls to the gendarmerie.

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Top Tips from the "Skiing with Teenage Kids" video

Emily - childcare manager:

When travelling with teenagers its a little bit different to when you've got younger children. They may not want to spend the whole holiday with mum and dad. So its worth considering whether there's going to be quite and English feel to the resort so that they can make new friends and they're probably going to want to go to a snowpark so its worth looking at what the ski area has to offer.

Top ten best ski resorts with snowparks for teenagers:

Parent Top Tip:

I'm Karen Easton and my top tip for a ski holiday for families with teenagers is to find a resort that has an amazing snow park. You know the kids are safe there, they meet lots of people, they'll have a great time, you'll know where they are and they're not off-piste doing anyting silly or dangerous.

Teenager Top Tip:

My top tip is to never go alone when you go powder skiing or off piste skiing.


I would definitely suggest going somewhere they can make new friends so that you know when they're going out there's a group of them that are going to be nice and safe up the mountain.

Ski Patrol Top Tip:

Top tip on the mountain… “stay together!”
Enjoy the snow.

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