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Ski guides

The world of skiing can be very daunting for those new to it. How to ski? What is snowboarding? How do you book a ski holiday? What gear do I need? There’s no need to fear. We’ve created a collection of knowledgably guides to help answer all these questions, to plan your next ski holiday and have the best possible time on it.

Read up on everything you need to know about skiing, including choosing ski equipment, where to buy ski clothes, staying safe on the mountain, top tips for family holidays, what to pack on your first ski holiday and more. We also have a collection of ski resort guides and snow reports to find the best snow.

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On the mountain

Being safe on the slopes is extremely important. Having the awareness and knowledge of mountain safety and advice will help keep you safe and others around you. Find out more about staying safe on the slopes, avalanche advice and avoiding altitude sickness. Widen your ski knowledge and discover more about the different types of ski lifts and the highest mountains in the world.

Skiing guides

Skiing isn’t just one sport. There are many ways to enjoy this winter activity. If you are an experienced alpine skier (regular skiing), you may want to think about trying a different type of skiing? How about off-piste skiing or cross-country skiing? First-time skiers will benefit from reading our how to ski tips and advice for your first ski holiday.

Ski lifestyle

Skiing is a culture. There is the lingo, the style, values, the ski gods and the norms. It can be confusing for an outsider to comfortably step into the ‘ski world’ and tackle organising a ski holiday. Luckily, we are here to help with all of this. You’ll find a fantastic selection of first time skiing advice and a series of guides dedicated to the ski lifestyle, covering all the aspects of a ski holiday. Learn about ski food, ski drinks, keeping fit for skiing, the best ski holidays for vegans, how to become a ski instructor, and much more.

Ski equipment

Buying new gear can get complicated, especially if you are new to snow sports. We’ve broken down the technical jargon and made simple guides to help you choose the best equipment for you and where to buy it. See our ski & snowboard equipment guides and ski clothing guides to get you started.

Family skiing

Make organising your family ski holiday a breeze with our family top tips guides and booking everything in one place. Start with the best ski resorts for families and discover more about skiing with children and skiing with teenagers. When the time comes, make sure that you have everything you need for the best family ski holiday with our family skiing packing checklist.

First time skiing

First-time skiers will need a ski resort with a decent amount of beginner ski slopes, a good ski school, a friendly atmosphere, picturesque mountains and a fun town with a good selection of bars and restaurants. We’ve rounded up our top picks of the best beginner ski resorts. Once we have sorted you out with a fab deal on your first ski holiday, you will need to book ski lessons or snowboard lessons. If you are travelling in a peak week, it is advised to pre-book your lessons with your package to guarantee your space. As your trip approaches, make sure that you have everything you need using our ski packing checklist.

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