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You can’t put a price on a chalet host, but if you had to, you’d probably prefer a low one… Thank goodness a cut-rate deal doesn't have to involve cutting hosts out of the equation, nor the convenience of having supper taken care of.

For the cheapest deals, it's possible to find very decent chalets in a resort you may not have heard of. If you’re happy with basic accommodation, we have low-cost properties in high-end resorts, letting you ski some of the finest slopes in the world on a shoestring.

Chalet L'Alpicois La Plagne
Sleeps 8-10 from £695 per person
Chalet Alice Les Deux Alpes
Sleeps 14-16 from £640 per person
Chalet Phoenix Val Thorens
Sleeps 24 from £674 per person
Chalet Verseau Val Thorens
Sleeps 6 from £461 per person
Chalet Campanula La Plagne
Sleeps 12-14 from £680 per person
Chalet Jacques Courchevel
Sleeps 10 from £1050 per person
Chalet 2100A Tignes
Sleeps 8 from £429 per person
Chalet Rosmarie St Anton
Sleeps 19-23 from £800 per person
Chalet Silene La Plagne
Sleeps 10 from £900 per person
Chalet Lores Val d'Isere
Sleeps 26-33 from £500 per person
(Ski Lodge) The Lodge Val d'Isere
Sleeps 74-85 from £561 per person
Sleeps 16 from £450 per person
Chalet Capricorne Val Thorens
Sleeps 8-9 from £461 per person
Sleeps 8-9 from £460 per person
Chalet Tomasz La Rosiere
Sleeps 12-14 from £717 per person
Chalet Premiere Neige Val d'Isere
Sleeps 11-15 from £614 per person
Chalet Clementine Val Thorens
Sleeps 10 from £511 per person
Chalet Morille La Plagne
Sleeps 12 from £573 per person
Chalet Les Rouses Les Deux Alpes
Sleeps 16-18 from £711 per person
Chalet Cime Val d'Isere
Sleeps 8-10 from £624 per person
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Many turn straight to self-catered properties when they’re looking the take care of the pennies but, all costs considered, it can work out best value to have breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner (and often wine) provided. Resort supermarkets aren't famed for their cost-cutting initiatives...

Couples are usually better off looking at catered over self-catered too, as properties on a “room-only” basis tend to accommodate 4 or more and may involve under-occupancy fees when there are empty beds without bodies…

Be mindful of the dates you plan to ski - the more flexible the better - and check out our last minute chalet deals for discounts on fuller packages. If you’re a family, and it’s a choice between school-holiday skiing or no skiing at all, there are bargains during peak dates with childcare in-house or nearby that work for mum, dad and the bank balance.

Check out our deals above, use our search bar or call us – we’re experts at finding you the right chalet at the right price.

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