Ski Chalets with Childcare

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When there’s a mountain of pisted, gastro and après opportunities out there, nothing beats being able to take time off parental duties and leave your young in safe hands. It’s why many bring private nannies, grandparents or family friends with them.

Slightly different in vibe, both chalet hotels and chalets offer a range of options to keep the kiddos content from first light to lights off. Check out our favourites below or use the search bar above to find something tailored to you.

Sleeps 8 from £639 per person
Sleeps 12 from £549 per person
Sleeps 60-67 from £579 per person
Sleeps 76-122 from £399 per person
Chalet Pepi Gabl St Anton
Sleeps 77-90 from £707 per person
Sleeps 12 from £549 per person
Chalet Elan Courchevel
Sleeps 16-20 from £789 per person
Chalet Chenus Courchevel
Sleeps 12 from £509 per person
Chalet Yogi Les Arcs
Sleeps 16 from £599 per person
Chalet Janus St Anton
Sleeps 8 from £770 per person
Chalet Le Mélèze Doré Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 12 from £509 per person
Sleeps 8 from £549 per person
Sleeps 109-151 from £670 per person
Chalet Hibou Les Arcs
Sleeps 12-17 from £894 per person
Sleeps 11 from £578 per person
Chalet Charlotte La Rosiere
Sleeps 9 from £678 per person
Sleeps 12-13 from £568 per person
Sleeps 184-213 from £643 per person
Sleeps 12-13 from £719 per person
Chalet Amelia La Rosiere
Sleeps 12 from £699 per person
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Chalet Hotels with Childcare

Besides the universally popular pools and spas that are often part of the chalet hotel package - the properties above all come with in-house crèches where rug rats can mingle, meet other young skiers and, with any luck, not make a nuisance of themselves in the care of qualified British nannies. As they have the resources to run tiered programmes for different age groups, some even organise special teen programmes of lessons and activities, ideal if your “young adults” bristle at the term “childcare”.

A huge hit with most ages, many chalet hotels also hold monitored film evenings to keep young eyes locked on the screen so that parents can sit back and switch off with grownups-only dinners, as well as longer lasting evening childcare, so that getting out on the town doesn’t have to just be something you did when you were younger.


Kids can get up to no good without the need for constant supervision in the safe environment of a chalet, and there are dedicated family properties where they can make friends with other children too. Letting you explore in the morning or afternoon, many are linked with local crèches, who usually offer pick-up/drop-off services between nursery, ski school and chalet to save you from cutting your adventures short.

If privacy’s your priority, look out for properties affiliated with private nannies – who’ll arrive with a Mary Poppins style suitcase of toys, books, puzzles and delight your brood for an agreed number of hours before disappearing and returning again the next day. Practically perfect in every way, they’re unbelievably affordable, especially when costs are shared by two families.

These properties are as popular as a hot chocolates after ski school for their popularity, so you’ll need to be quick to score spaces on peak weeks like Christmas, Half Term and Easter. Check out our report on the best family ski resorts, and read up on the places as well as the properties that put kids on a pedestal.

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