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Ch'onmasan Lift Pass Prices

Lift Tickets Child Teen Adult Senior Lift
1 Day Price N / A N / A N / A N / A
6 Day Price N / A N / A N / A N / A
Age Range N / A N / A N / A N / A

Ch'onmasan notes and further information

the following information is provided by the Ch'onmasan lift company or tourism office

Ch'onmasan Pass Description: " ? "

Free Children?: max age ? " ? "

Ch'onmasan Child Lift Ticket: " ? "

Ch'onmasan Teen Ticket: " ? "

Ch'onmasan Adults: " ? "

Ch'onmasan Senior Restrictions: " ? "

Free Senior?: min age ? " ? "

NB: info is usually for male & female without distinction, but some resorts historically have lower ages for female seniors.

Ch'onmasan lift ticket prices are quoted in

Ch'onmasan Lift Ticket Prices

The max and min adult Ch'onmasan lift pass prices range from ? to ? for 6 days of access to the Ch'onmasan ski lift system. A full price list for the ? lift pass in Ch'onmasan can be found at the bottom of this page.

Ski Lift Prices Near Ch'onmasan

Ski Resort 1 day ticket 6 Days of Skiing

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Ski Resort 1 day ticket 6 Days of Skiing

Note: We only sell lift passes as part of a holiday package. Prices are for guidance only, ask for an accurate quote when booking your holiday.

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