Ski Chalets with Hot Tub

2 Guests

There are few places we’d rather be after a glorious day on the hill, than relaxing in the hot tub - shooting the breeze with friends and family, sipping something refreshing and warming numb noses, while working aquatic magic on aching limbs.

A versatile piece of kit, the private Jacuzzi is equally adept at warming you up for a night out on the town, or recharging your batteries for the next day of skiing. Sit back, relax and imagine the warm bubbles rubbing your back as you browse…

Sleeps 12-13 from £674 per person
Aspen Hot Tub Suite 8 Val d'Isere
Sleeps 8 from £799 per person
Chalet Foinsbois Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 12-15 from £1500 per person
Chalet Marielaine Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 6-7 from £919 per person
Chalet Chateau Alpe d'Huez
Sleeps 15 from £849 per person
Chalet Karina St Anton
Sleeps 6 from £634 per person
Sleeps 17 from £919 per person
Chalet Kalliste Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 8-10 from £695 per person
Sleeps 9-10 from £659 per person
Chalet Du Pré Morzine
Sleeps 10 from £799 per person
Sleeps 8 from £529 per person
Chalet Chez la Comtesse Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 6 from £449 per person
Chalet La Saulire Val d'Isere
Sleeps 14 from £639 per person
Chalet Samuel Courchevel
Sleeps 6-8 from £1091 per person
Chalet Lisette Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 23-24 from £252 per person
Sleeps 12-14 from £349 per person
Refuge Boua Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 10 from £829 per person
Chalet Klosters Val d'Isere
Sleeps 8 from £769 per person
Chalet Phoebe Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 12-14 from £706 per person
Chalet Cairn Tignes
Sleeps 12 from £869 per person
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Popular Chalets with Hot Hub

Why we love chalets with Jacuzzis

No one complains about relaxing in a bubbling pool with some of the best views nature has to offer, so tubs are great if you're travelling with non-skiers too. You can't beat an evening chilling with as many of your group as will fit and a few bottles of phizz. Even the skiing purists love how the Jacuzzi jets work wonders on muscles and halt developing aches in their tracks.

Booking a hot tub holiday

This little slice of luxury doesn’t have to come with a 5 star price tag. To help make a hot tub holiday a reality, we’ve gathered the best offers like group-discounts and 2-for-1 ski and boot hire. Skiing with a whirlpool spa bath has never been cheaper, and the spectacular views are on Mother Nature.

Check if yours is indoors or outside - indoor hot tubs are cosy-warm and uniquely private, while the outdoor version opens up the surreal experience of sitting bubbling away amid fresh falling snow. When the temperature drops, just keep your shoulders under water. Bliss…

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