Are there many things better than a refreshing dip or splash about with the sprogs after a long day on the mountains? Thank goodness for ski hotels with pools.

With a heady mix of jet streams, poolside bars and views worth going all wrinkly for, the following properties set a high watermark for the hotels in the Alps.

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Ski hotels with adult-only pools

Pulled off your ski boots, whipped on your swimmers, and sauntered into your pool to find it swimming in children?

If you like your laps without shrieks and splashes, stick to an adult-only pool, like the Hotel Elizabeth's, or look for a spa hotel which usually place age limits or hourly restrictions on children.

A chalet with a pool's another option, which outside of peak dates (Christmas, New Year, Easter and Half Term), are usually adult-only.

SNO's favourite hotels with Adult-only pools:

Hotel Schwarzer Adler, Alpen Residenz Mooshaus, Hotel Elisabeth, Romantik Hotel Zell am See

European pool rules

Given the continental attitude to nudity (generally the more on show, the merrier...), it's worth knowing what's the norm in resort.

The French Speedo rule: We've all heard of this one – that you're not allowed to swim in a public French pool in anything but Lycra. In truth, it's policed in some places more than others. Still, we've seen French leisure centres with a Speedo loan box for those who've forgotten theirs… If you're more into boardshorts than budgie-smugglers, ask us to find you a hotel with a pool where the rules don't apply.

Caps: Swimming caps are the essential wear in Italy, often even required in hotel pools, so make sure to pack one to avoid being turned away with your cozzie on. Our sources say a shower cap from the hotel bathroom won't do - it needs to be a proper bathing cap.

Ski hotels with child-friendly pools

Pools have always been must-haves many of our own family ski trips, and almost all hotel pools are open to children. Exceptions include some spa pools and adult-only hotels, but if unspecified on our hotel pages, you can be pretty sure that little ones are allowed – get our specialists to double check for you.

Some properties dedicate entire separate swimming areas just to children, like the Family Resort Seiblishof, where the spa's connected to a children's water area with vitality and tropical rain showers.

Just ask and we can find a hotel in a resort that's right for you and yours.

SNO's favourite hotels with children's pools:

Levitunturi Spa Hotel, Hotel Sport, Family Resort Alpenpark, Hotel Alte Post,

Family Resort Seiblishof

SNO thing better than a hotel with a pool...

There are pools of the first water among our luxury ski hotels, and we've collected the finest in the mountains to point you in the direction of aquatic excellence. Properties lower down the price scale may not have hydro-massaging technology or tepidariums for you to climb out to, but then again sometimes water's all you really need…

One of our hotels, the Levitunturi Spa Hotel, has SEVENTEEN pools… and there are others, like the Schloss Lebenburg's, that are infinity edged so it feels like you're swimming straight out to the mountains. At Hotel Schwarzer Adler, there's an incredible open-air pool on the rooftop… Whether you'd like yours indoors, out, dedicated to little dippers or just one of the distractions in a hotel spa, at SNO we're wading in properties with pools.

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