Luxury ski hotels in France

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A glittering gaggle of luxury hotels have been cropping up in the French Alps recently –meticulously architected in peak positions to join classic institutions that’ve been dazzling guests for donkey’s years.

Fabulous features include everything from climbing walls to your own en-suite Jacuzzi or steam room – not to mention enormous spas with more features than you can shake a chakra at.

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Food & drink in France’s best ski hotels

For foodies, some hotels have hired chefs who’ve earned Michelin recognition in previous ventures (like Eric Samson, head chef at Val Thorens’ Koh I Nor), and others who’ve gained stars up in the Alps (like Mathew Hegarty at Hotel Chalet Mounier in Les 2 Alpes): breakfast like a king, come back for lavish lunches and do it all again at dinner time.

Luxury ski hotel locations in France

The finest properties hog peak positions in resort, either slap bang in the centre of town – rubbing shoulders with piano bars and boutiques - or right on the slopeside. And if you want ski in, ski out, nowhere does this better than France. Step out of your hotel’s high-tech boot room and you’re often face to face with a ski lift or on the edge of a piste. On occasions where there isn’t doorstep skiing, often you’ve a driver at your beck and call for access around the resort.

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