Independent Luxury Ski Chalets

2 Guests

Some of the most gorgeous chalets in the Alps are run independently, as a spectacular one-off or part of an elite group of luxury lodges. Each has its own character, formed by unrivalled cuisine, antique furnishings, designer interiors, high tech gadgets or sheer heady luxury.  

Not being tied down to specific airports, flight times and airlines can be a huge draw of staying in independent chalets. Instead, get your amazing abode with its gourmet meal plan booked up, then pick and choose your preferred travel methods at your leisure. 

Chalet Arabella Val d'Isere
Sleeps 10 from £1099 per person
Chalet Belle St Anton
Sleeps 10 from £769 per person
Sleeps 10-13 from £1149 per person
Chalet Ecureuil Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 10 from £709 per person
Sleeps 12 from £829 per person
Chalet Chiara St Anton
Sleeps 10 from £829 per person
Sleeps 13 from £999 per person
Chalet Bogart Les Gets
Sleeps 10-12 from £1089 per person
Chalet Serpolet Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 12-13 from £709 per person
Sleeps 9 from £1469 per person
Chalet Mini gabl St Anton
Sleeps 4 from £749 per person
Sleeps 10-11 from £1149 per person
Chalet Eaglet St Anton
Sleeps 6 from £1109 per person
Sleeps 11 from £1169 per person
Sleeps 15-17 from £1189 per person
Chalet Chardon Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 14 from £709 per person
Chalet Sanville Val d'Isere
Sleeps 7-8 from £839 per person
Chalet Bouchot Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 8 from £699 per person
Chalet Virage Meribel & Mottaret
Sleeps 14 from £709 per person
Sleeps 20-22 from £1089 per person
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Luxury chalets without flights

Look out for airlines offering superior seating, fast-tracked security checks and quick boarding, or book a private flight that’s completely tailored to you. Once you land, private drivers and helicopters can whisk you to resort in utmost comfort. We’re on hand when needed to help you find and book the best possible route, letting you concentrate on the magnificent mountain home waiting for you.  

First class independent chalet facilities

The most luxurious independent chalets don’t stop at the bare necessities but take every facility you could dream of, and then sprinkle some surprises on top. Look out for cinema rooms, sound systems and grand pianos for entertainment, while indoor and outdoor swimming pools, all manner of wellness features and treatment rooms take care of your relaxation. When it comes to wining and dining, you’ll find banquet rooms, wine cellars and bars with an army of staff to man them discreetly and diligently.

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