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All Inclusive
Without Flights
No Transfers
Lift Pass
No Ski Rental
No Boot Rental
Ski School

Location - where is Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Chalet Apartment

Chalets in the style of architectural villas built on the mountain slopes with spectacular views over a protected natural valley.

Chalet hosts ready to take care of all the little details of your stay (meals, ski returns, dining)

The 4T resort is right next-door for a full Club Med experience

Ski-in ski-out in the heart of the Grand Massif ski area - all the pleasures of snow sports on 256 km of slopes

Overview - chalet description - Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Chalet Apartment description

Enjoy the total mountain chalet experience in a stylish, contemporary cocoon in the heart of the Haute-Savoie region.

Overlooking a preserved valley, the Club Med Appartments Chalets at Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon serve up a unique experience to enjoy with family or friends.

Facilities - Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Chalet Apartment features

Package For Two,3 days


Age : adults only

A privileged break, a unique sensory journey for two.
For 2 people, in a duo treatment room.

4 treatment(s)
For each partners:
1 Renovating Massage Treatment (50’)
1 Energy Body Massage (50’)
1 Ideal Facial Treatment or Neomorphose of your choice (50’)
1 Customised Body Massage (50’)

Package For Him,3 days


Age : adults only

A customised sensory journey to satisfy men's specific needs for relaxation and efficiency.
5 treatment(s)
2 Energy Body Massages (50’)
1 Ideal Facial Treatment of your choice (50’)
2 Relaxing Back Massages (25’)

Beauty Package,3 days


Age : adults only

All the "Haute-Beauté" expertise of CARITA at the service of your beauty, from top to toe.
5 treatment(s)
1 Neomorphose Facial (50')
1 Renovating Massage Treatment (50’)
1 Customised Body Massage (50’)
1 Deluxe Hands Treatment (50’)
1 Varnish (10')

Recuperate after Skiing package - 3 days,3 days


Age : adults only

An ideal programme for recuperating after skiing
3 treatment(s)
3 Customised Body Massages (50’), scheduled for an optimal "back into shape" regime

Recuperate after Skiing package - 2 days,2 days


Age : adults only

A programme for recuperating after skiing
2 treatment(s)
2 Customised Body Massages (50’), ideal for short stays

Made to Measure Wellness package 2 hours,2 days


Age : adults only

Enjoy your Spa in total freedom: 2 hours of treatment to be chosen from the CARITA treatments proposed in this Spa.

2 Treatments (50’) of your choice
1 Treatment (20’) of your choice
Must be booked with your holiday reservation.

Made to Measure Wellness package 4 hours,3 days


Age : adults only

Enjoy the total freedom of four hours' treatment of your choice, from our selection of CARITA treatments proposed at the Spa.

1 Facial Treatment (50’) of your choice
2 Body Treatments (50’) or 2 Massages (50’) of your choice
90’ of Treatments of your choice.
Must be reserved with your holiday booking.

Made to Measure Wellness package 6 hours,5 days


Age : adults only

Enjoy the total freedom of six hours' treatment of your choice, from our selection of CARITA treatments proposed at the Spa.

1 Facial Treatment (50’) of your choice
1 Body Scrub (30’)
2 Body Treatments (50’) or 2 Massages (50’) of your choice and
180’ of Treatments of your choice.
Must be reserved with your holiday booking.

Room Types - bathrooms beds & sleeping

Right on the slopes, our Chalet-Appartments offer breathtaking views over one of the most protected valleys in the Alps. Their contemporary design is a new twist on traditional mountain style and offers a unique comforting experience just a stone's throw from the adjacent 4T Resort.

Meals - food and drink in Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Chalet Apartment


The catering offer in the Chalet-Apartments

Continental breakfast is included - prepared and delivered each morning by the Chalet host. Please order at the Concierge desk.

Complete meals, cooked in verrines and ready to reheat, are included for lunch or dinner throughout your stay.

One traditional mountain style dinner (fondue, raclette or 'hot box') is included during the week, please book in advance.

Cozy Mountain

This restaurant with terrace welcomes you at all meal times for a range of international and local specialities.

Focus on health and wellness, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, light dishes and gluten free.

Skyline Gourmet Lounge

For gourmet moments in an intimate atmosphere with a panoramic view over the mountains, this restaurant offers an exclusive "Gourmet Lounge" dining experience.

With its subtle blend of authenticity and contemporary spirit, the warm decor provides the ideal backdrop for great local produce.

The space adapts to provide the perfect eating experience for every time of day, from gourmet picnic at lunchtime to tasty, comforting afternoon tea, or a discovery dinner.

And the restaurant's wine cellar* has a host of surprises in store; the wine waiter will help you choose the perfect wine to accompany your meal.

A la carte

Family Experience Restaurant

This family restaurant allows kids to invite their parents to share dinner. Parents and children share real moments of family happiness. The experience is fully interactive ! For dinner service booking is required. The restaurant serves lunch exclusively for Petit Club Med® and Mini Club Med® participants.

Restaurant dedicated to families, open only in winter.


The Carillon

This lounge bar welcomes you into a warm and friendly, festive ambience.

Skyline bar

We update Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Chalet Apartment's details often, but facilities do change. e.g. some extras listed by the supplier as "free" or included might only be for the first time you use them, or for one time per party, then charged for further use. If any specific feature is essential to your holiday, make sure you ask us to confirm the details of it before you book your holiday.

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Thu 23 Jan 202023/01/20
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Mon 27 Jan 202027/01/20
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Tue 28 Jan 202028/01/20
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Wed 29 Jan 202029/01/20
Thu 30 Jan 202030/01/20
Fri 31 Jan 202031/01/20
Sat 01 Feb 202001/02/20
Sun 02 Feb 202002/02/20
Mon 03 Feb 202003/02/20
Tue 04 Feb 202004/02/20
Wed 05 Feb 202005/02/20
Thu 06 Feb 202006/02/20
Fri 07 Feb 202007/02/20
Sat 08 Feb 202008/02/20
Sun 09 Feb 202009/02/20
Mon 10 Feb 202010/02/20
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Tue 11 Feb 202011/02/20
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Wed 12 Feb 202012/02/20
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Thu 13 Feb 202013/02/20
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Fri 14 Feb 202014/02/20
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Sat 15 Feb 202015/02/20
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Sun 16 Feb 202016/02/20
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Mon 17 Feb 202017/02/20
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Tue 18 Feb 202018/02/20
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Wed 19 Feb 202019/02/20
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Thu 20 Feb 202020/02/20
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Fri 21 Feb 202021/02/20
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Sat 22 Feb 202022/02/20
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Sun 23 Feb 202023/02/20
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Mon 24 Feb 202024/02/20
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Tue 25 Feb 202025/02/20
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Wed 26 Feb 202026/02/20
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Thu 27 Feb 202027/02/20
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Fri 28 Feb 202028/02/20
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Sat 29 Feb 202029/02/20
Sun 01 Mar 202001/03/20
Mon 02 Mar 202002/03/20
Tue 03 Mar 202003/03/20
Wed 04 Mar 202004/03/20
Thu 05 Mar 202005/03/20
Fri 06 Mar 202006/03/20
Sat 07 Mar 202007/03/20
Sun 08 Mar 202008/03/20
Mon 09 Mar 202009/03/20
Tue 10 Mar 202010/03/20
Wed 11 Mar 202011/03/20
Thu 12 Mar 202012/03/20
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Fri 13 Mar 202013/03/20
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Sat 14 Mar 202014/03/20
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Fri 20 Mar 202020/03/20
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Sat 21 Mar 202021/03/20
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Sun 22 Mar 202022/03/20
Mon 23 Mar 202023/03/20
Tue 24 Mar 202024/03/20
Wed 25 Mar 202025/03/20
Thu 26 Mar 202026/03/20
Fri 27 Mar 202027/03/20
Sat 28 Mar 202028/03/20
Sun 29 Mar 202029/03/20
Mon 30 Mar 202030/03/20
Tue 31 Mar 202031/03/20
Wed 01 Apr 202001/04/20
Thu 02 Apr 202002/04/20
Fri 03 Apr 202003/04/20
Sat 04 Apr 202004/04/20
Sun 05 Apr 202005/04/20
Mon 06 Apr 202006/04/20
Tue 07 Apr 202007/04/20
Wed 08 Apr 202008/04/20
Thu 09 Apr 202009/04/20
Fri 10 Apr 202010/04/20
Sat 11 Apr 202011/04/20
Sun 12 Apr 202012/04/20
Sun 13 Dec 202013/12/20
£2604£2216Special OfferDeal
Mon 14 Dec 202014/12/20
£2737£2329Special OfferDeal
Tue 15 Dec 202015/12/20
£2871£2443Special OfferDeal
Wed 16 Dec 202016/12/20
£3004£2556Special OfferDeal
Thu 17 Dec 202017/12/20
£3137£2669Special OfferDeal
Fri 18 Dec 202018/12/20
£3270£2782Special OfferDeal
Sat 19 Dec 202019/12/20
£3403£2895Special OfferDeal
Sun 20 Dec 202020/12/20
£3537£3009Special OfferDeal
Mon 21 Dec 202021/12/20
£3652£3106Special OfferDeal
Tue 22 Dec 202022/12/20
£3767£3204Special OfferDeal
Wed 23 Dec 202023/12/20
£3883£3303Special OfferDeal
Thu 24 Dec 202024/12/20
£3998£3401Special OfferDeal
Fri 25 Dec 202025/12/20
£4113£3503Special OfferDeal
Sat 26 Dec 202026/12/20
£4229£3619Special OfferDeal
Sun 27 Dec 202027/12/20
£4344£3734Special OfferDeal
Mon 28 Dec 202028/12/20
£4159£3549Special OfferDeal
Tue 29 Dec 202029/12/20
£3974£3380Special OfferDeal
Wed 30 Dec 202030/12/20
£3789£3223Special OfferDeal
Thu 31 Dec 202031/12/20
£3604£3066Special OfferDeal
Fri 01 Jan 202101/01/21
£3419£2908Special OfferDeal
Sat 02 Jan 202102/01/21
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Sun 03 Jan 202103/01/21
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Sun 10 Jan 202110/01/21
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Mon 11 Jan 202111/01/21
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Fri 12 Feb 202112/02/21
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Sun 14 Feb 202114/02/21
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Mon 15 Feb 202115/02/21
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Tue 16 Feb 202116/02/21
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Wed 17 Feb 202117/02/21
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Thu 18 Feb 202118/02/21
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Fri 19 Feb 202119/02/21
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Mon 22 Feb 202122/02/21
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Wed 24 Feb 202124/02/21
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Fri 26 Feb 202126/02/21
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Sat 10 Apr 202110/04/21
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Sun 11 Apr 202111/04/21
£2715£2310Special OfferDeal
This all inclusive holiday to Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Chalet Apartment in Samoens, France departs Sunday 12th April 2020, for a 7 night stay on a "all inclusive" board basis. A local tourist tax (Taxe de Sejour or Kurtaxe) is levied by many councils in European ski resorts. It varies by standard and type of accommodation and is age dependent, so not everyone is charged. It's not included in the basic price of your holiday and is usually paid locally. For reference, the average charged in winter 15/16 was between 50p and £2 per person, per night.

Resort - about Samoens - about holidays in Samoens - about ski holidays in Samoens - about ski holidays in Samoens France

"Ville Fleurie" awarded village Ski the Grand Massif Short transfers

This old mountain village is a real charmer – evidence of historic stonemasonry lines the streets and squares and with seven surrounding peaks, Mother Nature’s thrown in her own masterpieces too. The vibe in town is authentically French and pleasantly laid back; out on the piste, the Grand Massif ski area presents 265km of seriously underrated terrain.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Snowboard

Great for Families Non-skiers Intermediates

Samoens webcam

Snow Report: Top 250cm, Bottom 60cm

Snow Forecast: 0cm expected this week

Snow History: January average depth 116.5cm

Samoens trail map

Approx. airport transfer times depend on conditions:

Geneva74 km, 65mins
Grand Massif ski area
Region:France, Alps.
First opened:1980

Samoens lift pass price last reported as Grand Massif: €225 (adult 6 day)
Massif (excludes Flaine and the 14km Les Cascades): €192.30 (adult 6 day). Ask for a quote when booking Club Med Grand Massif Samoëns Chalet Apartment.
Night skiing: No
Samoens has N, SE facing slopes.
Usually open for skiing December - April.

Town altitude: 1600m
Top of slopes: 2500m
Bottom of piste: 710m
Vertical drop: 1760m
Total length of trails:265km
Longest piste:14km
At the base of Criou Mountain by the Giffre River, this original French market town fuses tradition, nature and modern ski facilities. The correct pronunciation has become a bit of a talking point here at Sno... Most say ‘Saa-mwans’ but depending on dialect, it can sound like ‘Saa-mwaz’ and even ‘Saa-muw-an’. If you’re still trying to perfect your Bonjour, don’t fret – smiles go a long way here and they’ll soon have you sounding like a true Septimontain, as the natives are fondly known (referring to th...
With instruction from ZigZag ski school and ESF and over 50kms of green and blue runs, there are plenty of opportunities for beginners to get comfortable on the slopes. The aptly named ‘Marvel’ in Morrilon is a firm family favourite, a scenic green that leads you along 6km of tree-lined pistes. If it’s open (being low down, the snow isn’t the most reliable) set your sights on skiing the blue Cascades. The longest run in the area, it starts at Les Grandes Platieres in Flaine, crosses the Sixt Fer a Cheval nat...
As you’d expect from such a good family resort, the nightlife is friendly and relaxed, with 15 bars and 30+ restaurants dishing up a lively atmosphere, hearty food and a proper locals’ welcome. Covey’s Irish Bar is a top spot for evening drinks with nightly events including bands, DJs, pub quizzes and live sport. For a relaxing drink, take a quick walk to the casual Savoie Bar on the main square for great cocktails and a bit of people watching. Eating out is usually pretty casual, although you might fin...

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