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John Sellar has written 1 review and been voted helpful 0 time

You won't regret it

Reviewed 20 Oct 2020

The best ski school we have ever used. Brilliant instructors. We took a mix of private off-piste lessons for us and groups for the children. Excellent small groups.

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Gabriela Silva has written 1 review and been voted helpful 0 time

Not real bookings

Reviewed 20 Oct 2020

When you book with AlpyBus, you're not really booking. You're just paying money to be shoved around at their discretion.

I "booked" a transfer for 10:35AM, only to receive an email saying my bus would leave at 8:30AM instead. I tried calling them, but the representative didn't seem to give a damn and just told me they had no space on the service I thought I'd booked. The only open space they had was two hours after the slot I had "booked" for. So… screw me, I guess. Oh, she did suggest I could book a private service at around 200% more money than what I had already paid. So now I have to look for extra emergency transportation in order to be shoved into a glorified mini-bus and then wait 7 hours in the airport.

Terrible service! There are so many others available that I won't be using them again. What's the point of "booking" when the booking is only a possible time-slot within a four hour period? Not recommended!

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Robert Pollock has written 1 review and been voted helpful 0 time

Inflexible cancellation policy

Reviewed 20 Oct 2020

In times of covid 19, the vast majority of companies have shown respect and empathy to their clients by relaxing their cancellation terms and offering refunds and credit notes for cancelled bookings. Three Valley Transfers is NOT one of those companies. Despite informing them a week in advance that my flight was likely to be cancelled and then confirming a day in advance that my flight actually had been cancelled and that police were preventing tourists from travelling to Courchevel, Three Vallee Transfers refused to refund my transfer fee. I sympathise with Three Vallee Transfers’ business being disrupted by covid 19 but consider their refusal to refund fees for services which were impossible to provide to be completely unreasonable.

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Charlotte has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 5 times

Family friendly skiing

Reviewed 10 Jun 2016

Courchevel is very family friendly and we had a good Christmas here. We went to the new Aqua centre which was good and the restaurants were nice. They did a special Christmas thing in the centre where the ski instructors came down with torches and Father Christmas came on a sleigh, and there were fireworks. The snow could have been better – it was very icy which made the slopes hard for any skier. I think in better conditions the ski area would suit everybody though.

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Simon from London has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 6 times

Family holiday in Courchevel

Reviewed 10 Jun 2016

We were really lucky to have snow, sun and no one else there in April! It can go either way when you leave it until late in the season. I would recommend Courchevel to other families, and it’s worth going to the swimming pool / leisure centre. We arrived fairly early and went there in the afternoon, it’s good fun with a few water slides and it’s half price on Saturdays. The ski area catered for all levels, from beginners all the way up to experienced skiers. It worked well for our family, with plenty to do.

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Martin Bennetts has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 4 times

Fabulous week in Courchevel

Reviewed 8 Jun 2016

I was lucky to have a good snow week and get an empty room in an amazing chalet (Nid Aigle). It was over in 1650 which is off to one side. It has really good family and beginner runs, and access to nice intermediate runs at the top, as well as access to the 3 Valleys. The main centre up the top is amazing for all sorts of runs from mid to experienced. There’s a whole area of off piste and the other side has loads of black runs. There are some really good baby areas, and at the same time there’s virgin off piste so everyone is catered for. There wasn’t as much going on in 1650 as I had thought, but there are a couple of little music venues for the younger lot. The food in the restaurants is very good, and it’s easy to buy lunch on the way to the lift. Courchevel is close enough to Grenoble airport so the travel was easy, and buying my pass on the coach saved me a day of sorting everything out in resort – I was straight out skiing! Overall a fabulous week.

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D. R. from Essex has written 6 reviews and been voted helpful 13 times

Courchevel 2016

Reviewed 7 Jun 2016

A pretty good week, a bit too much snow and poor vis – better conditions would have given the week full marks! I’d been to Courchevel a few times before and it’s amazing how much has changed, how busy it was considering we weren’t on a busy week, but also how quick it is to get from one side to the other. With the express lifts you can get to the other side in an hour and a half, whereas before them it would take a good portion of the day to get there and back. Courchevel itself is nice and 1850 is nice – everything is phenomenally expensive but you know that about Courchevel before you go as it’s well known for that. It’s a good ski area all round, with quite a lot of high stuff, runs for intermediates and below and very steep stuff if you like couloirs.

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Stuart has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 4 times

A good week, prefer VT though

Reviewed 6 Jun 2016

Courchevel’s central in the 3 Valleys which is really good. I think I prefer Val Thorens, only because it has more affordable bars and restaurants. In Courchevel 1850 the prices are bonkers – on the chalet host’s night off when we had to eat out, we couldn’t find anything decent for under £40 (a basic pizza was £25). Val Thorens is purpose built and higher so you’re guaranteed snow – and you can ski to Courchevel in about an hour. We went up to Val Thorens while staying in Courchevel, in fact there wasn’t an inch of the 3 Valleys that we didn’t ski.

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Katherine has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 3 times

Great March ski conditions

Reviewed 26 May 2016

Absolutely loved Courchevel. It’s a fabulous resort and I would definitely like to go back. The ski area has something for everyone and the weather in March was great.

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Anon. from UK has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 6 times

Fabulous resort, know it well

Reviewed 17 May 2016

I’ve been skiing in Courchevel since the 1980’s, I’ve been to a lot of ski resorts all over the world, and even Whistler’s not a patch on Courchevel. You’ve just got to go to the Three Valleys if you haven’t already.
I’ve taken a lot of people there and everyone has loved it. Friends who’ve been complete beginners have had some wonderful pistes to learn on, and there are some great runs for people who want to ski couloirs. We always get the 3 valleys pass but you could enjoy the local area alone over 6 days – you don’t really need to go any further unless you want to.
There’s always good snow and it’s such an easy place to navigate. The ski buses are operating at a much higher frequency than they used to,
It’s not cheap but you can still find a good deal on accommodation and the ski pass price is the same wherever you stay.
There are so many good restaurants, asking to recommend a good restaurant in Courchevel is like going to London and saying “tell me a good restaurant” – it’s in London and if it wasn’t good enough it wouldn’t be there. There are so many Michelin star restaurants in the 3 Valleys if that’s what you want.

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Sioned from Bristol has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 4 times


Reviewed 13 May 2016

The resort is awesome! It caters for a whole range of skiers. I would highly recommend it. One thing worth doing is heading down to St. Martin for lunch, because it’s really chilled with lots of restaurants (plus it’s a lot cheaper too).

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Bronwen from Portsmouth has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 3 times

Vast area, weather wasn't good enough to enjoy it!

Reviewed 6 May 2016

Stayed in 1650. Courchevel as a ski resort is fine. There isn’t a huge amount to do in 1650 in the evenings once you’ve visited the bars, but it was fine for what we wanted – just wouldn’t be that riveting if you were a party animal. My feedback on the ski area is probably a bit unfair as the weather wasn’t brilliant, had the weather been good the skiing would have been much better as there are lots of runs and options to choose – the area is vast. However because the weather was a bit pants we were stuck to the same few runs.

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Nicholas from Reading has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 3 times

1650 is better!

Reviewed 3 May 2016

I really like Courchevel and have been here a few times. I would definitely say that 1650 is the best place to stay. 1850 is very expensive and a bit too snobby, unless you have loads of cash to blow! There’s enough to do in 1650, with about 5 bars.

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The Facchini family has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 5 times

Family New Year in Courchevel

Reviewed 13 Apr 2016

Courchevel’s very nice. You can’t deny it’s a lovely area and the skiing is fabulous. The first two times we skied here, we visited at Easter. On our third visit over the New Year, the conditions were dire over, but they did well to keep the links open and we were still out skiing every day. This year our family had so many different levels of skiing, that it was good to have somewhere for everyone to ski where suited them, then come back and meet up after. It’s very conducive for groups who want to split up and ski in different places, and there are lots of nice restaurants and cafes.

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C. Graham has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 3 times

Fabulous, top end resort

Reviewed 13 Apr 2016

I’d been to Courchevel a few times before, with the last time being about 12 years ago. It was quite a top end resort then, and now they’ve gone up another level. We were here over New Year and Russian Christmas and it was very busy. We hadn’t pre-booked a guide and though we managed to get one on the first day, we struggled to get one during the week – so if you want a guide or ski school at this time of year I’d recommend pre-booking. Restaurants weren’t too busy, we got a table without any problems most of the time. Eating out is expensive though, you’re looking at 150-200 euros for lunch alone.
Courchevel’s a fabulous place and the kids liked the shopping which again is very top end.
Not a lot of snow over the New Year, but conditions weren’t too bad – 40-50% of the area was open so it was OK, and I was skiing with the kids so we weren’t planning to ski too hard anyway.

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Seb from London has written 6 reviews and been voted helpful 7 times

Things for kids in Courchevel 1850

Reviewed 18 Nov 2015

Great for kids 1850 has a really cool arcade with bowling and video games. (Forum centre) Not sure if that still actually exists – the bowling does. Ice rink as well.

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Rory has written 4 reviews and been voted helpful 4 times

Awesome ski area, 1650 is the best town

Reviewed 28 Aug 2015

Courchevel is a great resort all round, especially if you stay in 1650. The slopes over on that side are way less crowded, the far side of Chapelets is great for trees after a snowfall and the run itself is great whenever. it's fast and easy to get across to the rest of the resort too. The best blacks are all in a big chunk from the top of saulire, so you can do laps around there on different slopes for ages. The park above 1850 also seems to get better year after year, the kickers a good size and there's loads of other options like a hip and a wallride. The best run in the resort is probably Creux which runs from the top of the ridge that crosses over to meribel - it can get a bit crowded at the top but once you get past the packs the terrain keeps changing and it winds on for ages, great fun for speedy laps. If you want some good food go to the Petit Savoyarde in 1650, it serves all the savoyarde classics like tartiflette, raclette and cured meats and they're all amazing. Bel air at the top of the Ariondaz gondola is a good restaurant on the mountain as well. For apres time check out the Boulotte in 1650 - jugs of Mutzig are as cheap as you'll find, and there's always a great atmosphere with a mix of seasonnaires and holiday goers, and usually really good live music. If Bring Your Sisters are playing any nights while you're there definitely go along.The funky fox gets lively later on for a few games of pool and tequilas

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Simon from Yorkshire has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 4 times

Courchevel 1850, March 2015

Reviewed 24 Jun 2015

I’d been to 1650 before and this time stayed in 1850 which is better because it’s higher! I love the 3 Valleys and this is the best one!

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Hope from Clapham has written 1 review and been voted helpful 2 times

Endless piste - take me back, there's more left to ski!

Reviewed 19 Jun 2015

If you like to ski on your ski holiday, rather than use it as a mode of transport for a tour of the restaurants and bars, then Courchevel is the place. We were a group of advanced skiers who don't hang around wasting valuable piste time, and even we, who skied every day all day from the moment the lifts opened, never skied the same run twice. Apart from Suisses. And Saulire. They're too good to only do once. The extensive lift networks mean that you have access to a massive expanse of 4 resorts and 3 glaciers. Kudos to the lifties because if I worked in Courchevel you couldn't keep me in one place all day no matter how much you paid me. There's too much to explore! And it's not like quantity is tipping quality here either. Every piste is perfection and there's a huge variety in difficulty. Although, if the holiday aspect is more your thing then the slope-side restaurants really are spectacular. Overall, we had an incredible holiday here and will be going back to carry on exploring the never ending pistes.

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Hannah from Vale of Glamorgan has written 4 reviews and been voted helpful 9 times

Expensive but the whole ski area is great

Reviewed 8 May 2015

I’d been to Courchevel before and went back because one of my friends was working in resort. If my friend hadn’t been there I probably would have chosen to stay elsewhere as everything’s incredibly expensive! It’s a nice resort though and I like the fact that you can ski all over the Three Valleys – I’d recommend skiing the whole area, but if you’re in Courchevel, 1650 is nice as it’s a little quieter over there.

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Seasoned Skiers from Southend-on-Sea has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 6 times

Excellent ski resort with a lot for non skiers

Reviewed 7 May 2015

We spent half term here with our children and grandchildren, the weather was lovely so the conditions were just fabulous. Courchevel’s such an easy place for getting around, with the escalators taking you between the villages and a central location in the ski area. We’ve skied all over the world – as a ski resort Courchevel is definitely on the same level as resorts like Whistler.
As someone who didn’t ski on that holiday, there were lots of places where my friend and I could have coffee and long chats – we had the Pietons pass which meant we could use the lifts and enjoy the views on the mountains. There’s a very good free bus service that takes you all over the area – we went to see some friends in Bozel one day which was easy to do. The buses were always busy in the mornings with everyone wanting to go off early (though it was half term, other weeks would probably be fine) so we’d wait until 10-11am when it was quieter.

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Maureen & Dave from Hertfordshire has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 7 times

Probably one of the world's best resorts

Reviewed 7 May 2015

We have skied in Alpe d’Huez, Tignes, Val d’Isere, Austria and Andorra and Courchevel’s the best resort we’ve been to, and I think it’s possibly one of the best in the world. It’s a fabulous place that really does have everything.
You’ll find every kind of run you could wish for; from the hardest runs you’ve ever seen – serious vertical that I’d never dream of attempting but it’s fascinating to watch people ski down. There are some very good beginner facilities and some really nice runs that would take a beginner 20 minutes to half an hour ski get down, which means you can really get a rhythm going (unlike the short runs in Andorra I learned on, when as soon as you get a bit of rhythm the run’s over!).
Wherever you stay in 1850 you’re literally never more than a couple of minutes’ walk from the lift. From the central point, there are 3 bubbles, a chair and a drag lift to choose between, so there are never huge queues.
When we went to Courchevel this time (our fourth visit) we were very lucky with the weather, which was fantastic! It did cause some problems on the way into resort because Chambery was closed so we flew into Grenoble, and then got stuck on the motorway because of the sheer volume of snow… but of course that gave us the most fabulous week of skiing!

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Nicola Freeman from Hertfordshire has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 3 times

Prefer 1650 to 1850

Reviewed 28 Apr 2015

We were very lucky as it was probably the last week in the season that Courchevel had good snow conditions. Courchevel has such a huge ski area, there’s so much to ski all the way across the valleys. We had a chalet in 1650, but stayed in 1850 before so popped over to have a look – I actually think 1650 is a much nicer place in terms of architecture. It’s a very pleasant place to be, with a little market and a decent supermarket etc.

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Brian & Pete has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 8 times

Father & son trip to Courchevel

Reviewed 28 Apr 2015

I’d been to Courchevel about 6 years ago and chose to return so I could introduce my son to skiing somewhere I was familiar with – he loved it and we both had a fabulous week.
There was a competition between 2 pyrotechnic firms going on throughout the week, where they each did a display on a different night in a different venue – it was brilliant!
One thing I did notice about Courchevel this time round is that everything was a lot cheaper than it used to be (or maybe the prices just haven’t gone up like they have everywhere else). Courchevel used to have a reputation for being hideously expensive but now, paying 12 euros for a burger and chips isn’t so different to what we’d pay at home.
We didn’t do much apart from ski. The weather wasn’t brilliant so others who’d paid for the whole 3 Valleys pass didn’t get to ski the full area whereas as beginners, we stuck with the local pass and got on fine. One thing I would recommend if you’re a beginner here is to make use of the free lifts on the first few days and then buy the pass later in the week when you need to.
I did have to get over the fact that British people are very good at queuing but when you’re not in Britain everyone pushes each other around, but once we got used to that it was OK and the queues weren’t long anyway (we didn’t have to wait longer than 3 minutes). Some of the lifts aren’t as modern as others but they all work perfectly fine.
We had lessons with ESF – I can see the appeal of having an English ski school but we had no problems with our instructor and everyone we dealt with was ever so friendly. It can be difficult if you’re on holiday with skiers and snowboarders who want lessons as most ski schools do the ski lessons in the morning and snowboard lessons in the afternoon (or vice versa) – but ESF arranged for us to have lessons at the same time from 1650 where our chalet was, so it all worked very well.

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Grant from London has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 3 times

Courchevel March 15

Reviewed 23 Apr 2015

Courchevel’s a good resort with good runs on the mountain and good restaurants in the town. I’d been to Meribel before and love it over there, it’s amazing. I didn’t really realise how well known and expensive Courchevel was until after we booked!

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Simon in Wales has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 4 times

Overpriced resort, but the best skiing in Europe

Reviewed 17 Apr 2015

I’ve skied through Courchevel a number of times but this was my first week staying there (last stayed in Val Thorens). It’s a little overpriced but has a nice atmosphere and it was nice to get off the slopes and meander around the town. It was easy to get the two lifts up and then traverse to either side of the 3 Valleys. Once you get to the top, the world’s your oyster, the 3 Valleys has the best skiing in Europe and the choice is just fabulous.

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Lindy from Lincolnshire has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 5 times

Never disappointed, amazing place, 10/10

Reviewed 16 Apr 2015

I stayed in Courchevel 25 years ago and visited from Val Thorens last year. It’s a lovely area and there’s just so much to do – the first time I stayed here I skied for eleven days and even this time I was finding new places (some people I skied with took me on some lovely routes down to little villages). It has something for everyone, whether you’re a learner, intermediate or advanced. Courchevel also has some lovely bars, really cosy and rustic, chalet-style places.

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Nicky from London has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 5 times

Fabulous resort

Reviewed 10 Apr 2015

Courchevel’s a fabulous resort. The only thing I was disappointed with was that given the price of the lift pass, the pistes weren’t very well looked after at all. Our chalet host told us there had been a rocky start to the season but the pistes weren’t bashed every night so weren’t very pleasant to ski. This didn’t ruin our week at all, it’s such a huge ski area that we just learned which runs to avoid. We had the whole 3 Valleys pass and the area has a real mixture of runs, my other half is a very, very good boarder and I’m a pretty established skier and we both had more than enough for the week. We didn’t do much else apart from snowboarding and skiing, but they did have a very good free firework display one night, the best fireworks I’ve seen.

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Shon from Pembrokeshire has written 4 reviews and been voted helpful 11 times

A good week in the 3 Valleys

Reviewed 25 Mar 2015

This was our first week in Courchevel - we had heard great things about the benefit of being able to ski the 3 Valleys. We got the whole area pass (booked it prior to going as it was cheaper) and skied the entire area; you never have to ski the same piste twice.

Conditions were good, they’d been struggling with snow at the end of December but by the second week in January we had plenty. It got a little patchy by the end of the week but there was a big dump the night we left, so the people coming after us would have had a brilliant time.

Thought the Meribel area was really nice, it’s got quite a central position in the valley whereas Courchevel 1650 (where we stayed) is at the far left hand side. It took a whole days skiing to reach Val Thorens from 1650 so we might opt for Meribel next time.

You also have the Folie Douce over in Meribel (crazy and full of energy, also been to the ones in Val d’Isere and Val Thorens) – though we had to leave a quarter of an hour before the lifts closed to get back to base.

There are plenty of bars in Courchevel itself and we went out every night. They should consider running a bus from Meribel to Courchevel in the evenings so you could do the Meribel nightlife (they did organise a taxi for us one evening but a regular bus would be great).

I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to the 3 Valleys, possibly not for a few years because I'd like to explore some different areas, but I’d definitely go back!

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Mr Brown from Norfolk has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 3 times

We always come back to Courchevel

Reviewed 19 Mar 2015

Why do we always go back to Courchevel? Because it’s a nice and open resort – not a dark one with looming mountains. The variety and extent of the skiing is good – there are so many different runs. We don’t do anything but ski, eat and sleep!

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Hannah Umlandt from Bromley has written 7 reviews and been voted helpful 10 times

Ski to Courchevel from Meribel for good snow/visibility

Reviewed 23 Oct 2014

I have always stayed in Meribel but have always headed to Courchevel when the visibility has been poor in Meribel and always been pleasantly surprised by the difference. If you don't like skiing in a white out like me then head towards Courchevel for the day for some nicer weather!

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Aimee from Southampton has written 5 reviews and been voted helpful 10 times

Great if you have the pennies!

Reviewed 12 Sep 2014

This was my first time in Courchevel and it was quite late in the season. We went in April so the snow was starting to get slushier in the afternoons, but this was fine as we stayed in a chalet so were happy to get back as there would be afternoon tea. It was very sunny, apart from one day where it was sleeting further down the resort and snow up the top, which was nice for some new powder but visibility wasn’t great so we came in and play games with our fellow guests. Being in a chalet we only eat out once in the evening at ‘Le Petit Savoyard’ which was delicious! We had a traditional raclette and were stuffed when we left – it was a little pricey though, but that’s Courchevel for you! Our rep and some of the other guest tried to drag me on a bar crawl but I was too tired, plus not much was open at that time of the year. My mum and I are confident intermediates and my brother not so much but there was still lots of terrain for us to do together, even if I did sometimes find myself whizzing off and leaving them behind… Some of the reds can be rather challenging, especially the ones you have to ski to get to Meribel – I wasn’t a fan – especially when icy! There is a great blue run that takes you past the Altiport which is great for being able to watch the planes taking off and landing. I’d definitely consider going again as I loved the ski area, and that there was so much to explore, but only if someone else is paying as it’s not a cheap resort. We were told the Beckhams had been there the week before, and that our accommodations was a ‘god send’ for the price compared to the rest of the resort, so that’s something to think about. Overall I loved the holiday there, apart from getting mud on my new white salopettes after I ran out of snow when I went off piste… Oooops!

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Sam Loveday from Bushey has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 3 times

Nice but expensive

Reviewed 26 Jun 2014

The snow was really good. Courchevel is a nice place. We found some places to go for a drink, it was expensive though. The main thing I remember is that it was 20 euros for a cup of tea and a bottle of water! It’s nice though and we skied the whole 3 Valleys. Be careful not to miss the last lift back though if you go over to Meribel, it’s a 300 quid taxi back.

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Lindsey Helliwell from Glasgow in Scotland has written 3 reviews and been voted helpful 5 times

My first ever ski holiday and I loved it!

Reviewed 25 Jun 2014

It was my very first ski holiday, me and my children were total newbies and we loved it! I can’t wait to go again next year. I would definitely go back to Courchevel. We had lessons with the ESF which were very good. There were plenty of easy green and blue runs so I would thoroughly recommend it for families and beginners. My husband is much more experienced and he was happy too, he skied over to Meribel some days. It’s well suited to everyone.
The prices in some of the bars and restaurants really vary, some are absolutely fine and some are extortionate, you just have to look before you go in. We saw one place charging 22 Euro for a glass of wine!
I prefer 1850 to 1650, the shops are better and the slopes are nicer. The designer shops are 3 times the price of the ones in Glasgow. I would buy ski stuff there though, they had some sales on. We hired our skis from WhiteStorm (my husband booked it online) and I would recommend them, they are a good company.

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Mr Jones from Cardigan has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 3 times

Can't think of any way to improve this place!

Reviewed 19 Jun 2014

I know Courchevel very well. The skiing is great for almost every standard of skier, as are the neighbouring resorts. We were lucky as we had fabulous weather – it had snowed a lot before we got there and even though we had no snow during the week, every bit that was showing through was dusted with artificial snow. We also had non stop sunshine which was lovely. You can spend the whole week in Courchevel, but if you’re anything but a beginner you’d very soon want to go somewhere else. It’s only an extra £20 if you get the 3 Valleys pass instead and then you don’t have to worry about where the line is drawn. We had some great days, there are some good runs down to some of the neighboring resorts a little lower down, if you have the 3 Valleys pass you can ski from Courchevel to Meribel to Val Thorens. They’ve got an added valley further along called Valmorel, you have to hammer it a bit to get over and back but it’s well worth it.

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Gemma from Beckenham has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 4 times

Love 3 Valleys but prefer VT

Reviewed 12 Jun 2014

The area is amazing but Courchevel is ridiculously expensive, a lunch for 2 cost 80 euros! I much prefer VT, Les Menuires and Reberty.

There’s plenty to ski with the Courchevel pass but you’d have to do some of the slopes a couple of times. I love the 3 Valleys area, it’s 600km and we had the whole pass. There wasn’t much snow as we were there quite late, but they generally kept it really well.

Recommendations: The donuts are really good; you pay 3 euros for the day and fly off into a big air bag which is fun. Folie Douce is a cool nightclub on the slopes at 3pm. If you’re over in VT on the first day, go to Orelle which has some lovely slopes with no one on them at the beginning of the week! Jerusalem is a red run between Meribel and Les Menuires that’s one of the top 5 runs in the world, it’s nice and wide over lots of rolling hills.

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Allan family from Blairgowrie has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 6 times

We like the slopes and there’s plenty for everyone

Reviewed 11 Jun 2014

We’d been to Courchevel a couple of times before when the children were younger and decided to go back because the dates and prices worked for us. It was the end of March/beginning of April and although it was very hot and didn't snow much, the conditions were good.

1650 is very convenient for the ski area and it’s obviously much cheaper than 1850. We really like the slopes there, it’s a good place for mixed levels of skiers and there are plenty of places to meet up (there’s a nice cafe at the bubble).

My husband and son are very good skiers and they really liked the slopes around 1650. It’s also easy to get over to the other areas if you want to. I was having lessons with New Generation who were absolutely excellent. Everything in 1650 is very convenient and there’s lots to do. There’s a sledging run which goes down to 1550, you obviously get the bubble back up. It’s not too expensive, quite a few of the bars do happy hours and things like that where you can get cheap beers.

I’ve heard they might be doing away with the 1650 bubble which is meant to be happening this year... possibly because it seems to be very susceptible to wind and is quite slow. If they do get rid of it I’d rethink going back to 1650 – it makes access to the slopes very easy and allows people who aren’t so good at skiing to go up to the restaurants.

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Wendy Strain from Paisley in Scotland has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 3 times

Sunny weather and fantastic skiing

Reviewed 6 Jun 2014

It was my first time in Courchevel. The skiing is wonderful, there are some fantastic runs. There was plenty of snow cover although it was late in the season. I was a bit disappointed that a lot of the shops and some of the restaurants were closed already but I think it was the last week in the season. I was looking forward to the shopping!
The weather was amazing, we spent a lot of the time sunbathing. It got a bit slushy but the skiing was still good. Some of my friends that I went with are very good skiers and they went over to Meribel and further afield.
We were staying in 1850 which is better if you are coming late in the season because it’s higher up. We went to 1650 one evening for a meal out, there are free buses that run regularly between 1850 and 1650.
It’s very, expensive to eat out and shop in Courchevel! I knew it would be; it was worth it to stay here though because Easter was the only time we could go and it meant we could ski this late in the season.

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Iain Hogg from Ross and Cromarty in Scotland has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 9 times

Better local slopes than Meribel and good après in 1650

Reviewed 5 Jun 2014

I really like Courchevel. I prefer it to Meribel, the runs around Courchevel are better and there are some really nice gentle slopes down to 1650. It’s good for beginners in that respect. The snow around Courchevel was better than the Meribel side as well while we were there.
If you want to see the whole of the 3 Valleys then don’t stay in Courchevel though because it’s right over to the left of the ski area, and it takes quite a long time to get over to the further parts like Val Thorens. We were bombing it and we still only had 2 hours to get home once we got over to Val Thorens. The 3 Valleys ski area is brilliant. It’s just huge. You can ski 50km a day and still not see all of it.
Don’t stay in 1850 unless you don’t mind all the Russians and fur coats and big hair. 1650 is better. You can stay in Courchevel without breaking the bank, we hardly spent any money while we were there because our chalet was catered.
There’s plenty on in 1650. Bubble bar is a good crack, it’s a nice pub. There’s also a place called Fire and Ice which does free pizza and half price drinks during happy hour (from 4:30 until 7:30pm). We went out for dinner one night as well – you don’t need to book outside of peak season but if you go over New Years/Christmas you need to book in advance.
We also went to the famous Folie Douce mountain bar in Meribel, it's pretty legendary and good fun.
I would highly recommend the boot specialist in town called Boot Lab. They are very knowledgeable and they will refit your boots or make you moulded boots or insoles. It’s worth buying boots from them, my girlfriend did while we were there, and they will replace your boots if you bring them back and don’t like them. If you try a few and find you don’t like any of them they will even give you a full refund.

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Clinton Marquardt from Guildford has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 5 times

Best place I’ve ever skied!

Reviewed 28 May 2014

The town is very hyped up, I’ve actually seen more bling in Guildford! It is rich, they have Gucci, Prada and Armani where other resorts have an Intersport... and it can be eyewateringly expensive but it depends where you go. We went to the Forum and paid 30 euros for a meal for two and drinks, which isn’t that bad at all.

You don’t really need the whole 3 Valleys pass, the Courchevel pass takes you into La Tania and Meribel anyway. You probably couldn’t ski the whole of Courchevel in 3 weeks. I’m a timid blue skier but by the end I was going down reds, it’s a really confidence boosting place to ski.

Anyone who hasn’t been before should definitely try all the runs. I stuck to the same one or two for the first day, then ended up taking a wrong turn and it all opened up. You have to ski La Tania at least once, it’s absolutely beautiful over there - you’re skiing through woodland and the views are breathtaking. Another tip is don’t try and fall ill! The doctor is useless, rude and expensive. He’s the only doctor in the resort and gets away with charging 60 euros for everything, even just a prescription, as that’s the excess. It took us ages to argue for our money back from the insurance company when my partner injured her knee.

The only thing Courchevel doesn’t really have is resort charm, it’s big and impersonal. Whereas places like Saas Fee and Montgenevre are beautiful, traditional villages with charm that you fall in love with, Courchevel is more of a big purpose built lump.

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Christopher Malyan from Kent has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 8 times

Great boarding, would definitely go back here

Reviewed 23 May 2014

Really liked Courchevel! There was a variety of slopes from beginner to expert which seemed to cover all ranges. Courchevel itself definitely has more than enough to see you through but you can go across if you want to get the three valleys pass, we chose not to as there was plenty for us in the Courchevel area alone. We are both snowboarders and really liked the whole area – there weren’t many cat tracks at all and I don’t recall having to unstrap even once. There’s a half decent Snowpark there and it has stuff for different levels, with everything well marked out. We hardly ever queued and the lifts were all open apart from now and again at the top because it was so high – these were only ever closed for a few hours once or twice in the week and apart from that the lifts were really good.
I would definitely recommend the ‘Luge’ which is their toboggan slope. Most of the ski shops do hire and you just pay a deposit of £10 which is very cheap considering it’s Courchevel! It’s open most of the day and lit up at night time and is a very good, long old run at a couple of km.
We were catered so we didn’t eat out apart from the one night when we got a takeaway. There are a couple of Michelin star restaurants that looked nice if you’re into that kind of thing.

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Duncan from Bolton has written 4 reviews and been voted helpful 8 times

The Three Valleys is the best ski area IMO

Reviewed 22 May 2014

In my opinion the Three Valleys is the best ski area I’ve ever been to. You can’t exhaust it, there’s so much to ski, you could ski here a week and only see a small part of it. Everyone is happy here, not just beginners.
All the mountain restaurants are good around Courchevel. It’s quite expensive but if you are happy with spaghetti bolognaise (about 12 euro) and a beer (about 8 euro) then it’s affordable. The Bel Air restaurant next to the run of the same name is a good one (it’s on the left-hand side of the piste map).
There seems to be a group ski pass which is cheaper, I’m going to investigate this if we come back next year.

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Astrid Vinall from Edinburgh has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 3 times

Expensive town but very good skiing

Reviewed 16 May 2014

I hadn’t been to Courchevel before. I really liked the skiing. The town is a bit weird, full of designer shops. We didn’t really go out in town, I think it was quite expensive. It’s a good area for advanced skiers, there was enough for us to do (we got the whole 3 Valley’s pass). We didn’t go off-piste – it was the week after the Michael Schumacher incident so they warned us not to. I’ve been mainly to France before, Val Thorens and Tignes and Courchevel was pretty similar in terms of the skiing.

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Mrs Sarin from Rickmansworth has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 4 times

Vast area – skied here lots

Reviewed 6 May 2014

We’ve been to Courchevel several times and the skiing in that area is fantastic. It’s a little bit of an expensive resort but I think people realise that – the best thing to do is have a half board holiday where you’re eating at base as then the prices aren’t so much of a problem. If you are eating out, there’s a pizza place and stuff like that down in the town as well as lots more up on the slopes.
I’d describe the skiing as good for different levels and on the whole very nice with very smooth runs (not lots of moguls like we recently had in St Anton).
Half term was normally busy but because you have such a vast ski area the crowds get diluted.

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Christopher from Oxfordshire has written 5 reviews and been voted helpful 12 times

Snow is really good compared to Meribel

Reviewed 7 Mar 2014

I know the 3 valleys pretty well. Usually stay in Meribel and had skied over to Courchevel before but this was my first stay in Courchevel. The snow here is really good compared to Meribel.
It’s a rich man’s resort and people seem to go there to be seen rather than to ski, most tend to be walking their dogs around in little coats rather than skiing so the slopes were quite empty!
Only issue we had while we were here was that the escalators that take you up to 1650 (its more like one big escalator broken into 3 smaller ones) broke down, which was not good with ski boots! It was quite an effort getting up there every day and even more hard work getting down with boots, skis and poles!

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Idalette from Sno Staff has written 4 reviews and been voted helpful 2 times

Something for everyone, just pick your village

Reviewed 28 Jan 2014

It’s easy to see why this is one of the most famous ski areas in the world, but it’s also easy to misunderstand the place, because Courchevel isn’t one resort, but 4 or 5 very distinct and different villages on the side of the mountain. Courchevel 1850 is the most famous and what most people think of when they imagine the glam-capital of the French alpes. If you like a bit of bling with your après, this is the place to be. For something a little less posh, the equally popular villages of Courchevel 1650 (Moriand) and Courchevel Village or 1550 are all in the same great ski area but with a more traditional French ski vibe. Personally I love the people watching that the posh Brits and bling Russians bring to the top town, and you can still holiday up there for completely normal prices.

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Alison Brown from Sydney in Australia has written 5 reviews and been voted helpful 2 times

Luxury skiing with celebs

Reviewed 28 Jan 2014

For a luxury ski holiday, look no further than Courchevel. It’s a favourite with many celebrities and with great skiing, excellent food and après ski, it’s easy to see why. Courchevel has absolutely stunning views and is great for all levels of skiers. There are ‘Zen Zones’ for beginners or skiers who aren’t very confident, with easy to access lifts and slopes that are generally quieter. Intermediate and advanced skiers are well catered for in Courchevel with a great range of runs and for advanced skiers, steep cliff drops.

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Seth from Islington has written 3 reviews and been voted helpful 1 time

Such fun; wear a Victoria Bechham onesie!

Reviewed 28 Jan 2014

Courchevel 1850 is one of the most fun places to ski and stay in the French alps. You don’t need to be from Mintsville USA to afford to stay here and the people watching (of those who often are the super-rich) is both first class and completely free! For Savile Row skiing at Skid Row prices, I’d recommend booking a catered chalet in Courchevel 1850, or one of the terrifically prices and very centrally located chalet hotels like the Anemone or family favourite the Dahu. You don’t need to be wearing this-season’s “onesie” to fit in with the smart set, but maybe treat yourself to some Victoria Beckham sunglasses.

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Peggy Kalatzis from Brighton in UK has written 10 reviews and been voted helpful 6 times

All lift connected in day and free buses at night

Reviewed 28 Jan 2014

Courchevel has la Tania, le Praz 1550, 1650, 1850... All connected with free buses. Courchevel had the most variety of everything including piste grades. The lower you are on the mountain the cheaper things are. I only went to Meribel for day trips, didn't really do much other than ski there - but from what I saw it’s not as big as Courchevel. So la Tania and le Praz are best for cheaper options - 1850 is exclusively for rich people.

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Maddie from Southampton in UK has written 10 reviews and been voted helpful 4 times

Runs & snowpark for all the family

Reviewed 17 Jan 2014

From what I could see, the pistes were lovely and wide, perfect for my early intermediate skier to not fall off the face of the mountain in all the white! Runs for all the family, meaning the more confident snowboarders of our party could take the Jean blanc black run down to Le Praz, whilst us intermediates joined them from the Brigues red run in such conditions. Skied 1 Saturday mostly during a complete white out, so I can’t give a completely conclusive review. The Railpark, however, was not so overcast and we enjoyed an afternoon of fun and vision on the boxes, ramps and ski cross for all abilities.

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Anna Stevenson from Manchester in UK has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 4 times

Great for eating out, doorstep skiing & families

Reviewed 7 Dec 2013

We stayed in Courchevel 1850 - Massive ski area (3valleys) and really nice places to eat out – really good for Ski in/Ski out, well groomed piste. - Great for intermediate ski/board, some small family parks in 1850 and better parks on the way over to ValThorens from Corchevelle. - Brilliant skiing but everything I bought seemed really expensive, not particularly good for off piste and lots of lifts! - Longest and best run is Crux – best place to eat on the slopes is Belleaeyre – Le Beouf - steak cooked on an open fire. If you have Children the Indian run will keep them entertained – kids are invited in to a tepee where they play authentic instruments and dress up in headdresses and have their faces painted.

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