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Baqueira Beret Snow Report

Baqueira Beret has average snow depth of 0cm.

Conditions: "Closed for snowsports".

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Average Depth: 0 cm
Conditions:Closed for snowsports

Baqueira Beret Snow Report - 13 Apr 2020

New snowfall: Baqueira Beret accumulation & what's predicted today.

New Snow Fall

ski area average

0 cm

Last Snowfall Date

most recent new snow


Friday 10 Apr

Base Snow Depth

altitude 1415 m

0 cm

Top Snow Depth

altitude 2550 m

0 cm

Snow Conditions

surface condition for skiing

Closed for snowsports


amount forecast today


New Precipitation in Baqueira Beret

The most recent dump in this resort in Spain was 0 cm on Friday 10 Apr - current conditions are described as "Closed for snowsports".

Base Depth

The bottom of the piste lies at an altitude of 1415 metres - the latest report indicates depth at this altitude is 0 centimetres.

Summit Depth

The top lift station lies at 2550 metres altitude - measurments indicate that current depth at the top of the lift served skiable terrain is 0 centimetres.

Forecast Today

There are centimetres of new snow forecast today on the Baqueira Beret ski area.

data is from 10/04/20 predictions and forecasting run

Baqueira Beret Ski Report

Ski area, lift status and skiing conditions expected today.

Ski Area / Ski Lifts

lift status & area open

0 %


can you see hazards?

Skiing Conditions

weather forecast today in Baqueira Beret


Baqueira Beret Summit

ski and snowboard conditions at the top of Baqueira Beret ski area

summit min °C
wind speed kph

Baqueira Beret Lift Status

Approximately 0 percent of Baqueira Beret lifts and trails will be open today.

Visibility in Baqueira Beret

Affects your ability to see & avoid obstacles like other skiers, negotiate bumps & moguls or avoid dangers such as piste & cliff edges on piste... and crevasses off-piste!

Baqueira Beret Skiing Weather

Precipitation and cloud cover plus max day temperature and minimum night temp.

Summit Conditions

Weather conditions are very different at the top of the Baqueira Beret ski area - go equipped for comfort & safety on the whole mountain.

Conditions in Resorts Nearby

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Resort Top Depth
Base Depth
New Snow
Current Conditions More Today?

More Information & Resources

Natural and man made fresh powder in this Spanish resort.

The average annual snowfall in Baqueira Beret is ? centimetres each year.

Natural powder is augmented with 549 cannons or "snow guns" along 35km of piste which equates to approximately 41% of all Baqueira Beret runs.

Off-piste skiing and snowboarding is permitted which helps to alleviate the wear and tear on ski conditions on the patrolled trails.

Local Resources

You can get the latest Baqueira Beret report and forecast free on your mobile phone by visiting our mobile website.

You can also call the Baqueira Beret Information phone number 639025 to hear their report in these languages: Spanish.

Slope Orientation

The slopes in the Baqueira Beret domain face in these directions: N NW

Top Tips:

In the coldest winter months of January and February you'll be grateful for a resort with South facing ski areas, which offer some welcome light and warmth in the depths of a mountain winter.

In the warmest spring months of April and May, you'll find the best (ie not slushy) riding is to be had on the cooler and shady North facing trails.

Baqueira Beret rating for snow quality is 3 stars out of 5 overall

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