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Ski Insurance

ski holiday insurance cover & snowboarding insurance from Sno is administered by Endsleigh and underwritten by AXA

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Do you need ski insurance?

Literally all of the package ski holiday suppliers that we know of today insist that you arrange specialist ski travel insurance as a precondition of travelling with them. Often known as Winter Sports travel insurance or simply ski insurance, its important to note that this type of cover is different from standard holiday insurance (the latter won't give you the cover which you need for a winter sports trip). We've teamed up with Endsleigh Insurance and AXA to to provide the best value ski insurance online and the best claims processing in the industry.

Buying ski holiday insurance online

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Ski insurance FAQ:

MPI Brokers is highly recommended by ski tour operators to book your ski insurance through as they are continually upgrading their ski policies to meet skiers and snowboarders’ requirements.

Not all travel insurance covers skiing and snowboarding. You will need to select specific winter sports cover when purchasing your travel insurance.

It is essential to have the right travel insurance when hurtling yourself down a mountain. We all know that skiing comes with its risks of injury and falls, so don’t be that guy who gets carried off the mountain and soon not a penny to his name, as the medical costs will bleed you dry without specialist ski insurance.

Ski holiday insurance is designed to include protection for your equipment, medical treatment and costs surrounding getting you off the mountain.

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