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4 reviews of Hotel Strass in Mayrhofen, Austria.

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Colin from London has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 5 times

Nothing but positives!

Reviewed 28 Apr 2016

A good week away in Mayrhofen, the Strass is a really cool hotel. The location was probably the best aspect, the lifts are right there so there’s no having to haul equipment about. They served a 5 course meal every day which was all very nice, though by the end of the week you get a bit bored of 5 course meals! Not that that’s a reflection on the food quality or service, which were amazing.

When I initially booked I thought I had the Strass Hotel but the confirmation email showed I was in the Strass apartments. I spoke to the people at SNO and they managed to speak to the hotel and offer a suite in the hotel above the night club which I accepted. When I turned up the reception guy was really lovely and made sure I had everything I needed. He told me how SNO had been amazing phoning every day to get it sorted – you know it’s a good thing when the hotel are singing their praises. The suite I had was above the club and you could hear a bass from 3pm onwards, but it stopped at 9pm and for the rest of the time it was very quiet. Even when the club was open, the noise wasn’t really a problem anyway.

Overall, it’s a comfortable place that had everything I needed. I’ve stayed in 5 star hotels where the staff have been miserable but they were great here.

Nothing but positives!

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The Dream Team from Aberdeenshire has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 8 times

The Dream Team @ Hotel Strass

Reviewed 10 Apr 2015

Hotel Strass is excellent, the location’s spot on as it’s obviously right next door to the main gondola, so there’s no distance to walk at all (although there was quite a queue in the mornings).
Service and staff were all very good.
We enjoyed the food, they did a variety of dishes which were all extremely good.
Our rooms were fine, a few of us had a large room while a couple of other rooms were significantly smaller but it wasn’t really a problem. The only thing was that they were all far too hot, they didn’t seem to have thermostats and just ended up being very warm indeed.

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Dr. Davina Wilson from London has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 2 times

Amazing location overlooking the main lift

Reviewed 22 May 2014

This hotel is very nice. It’s in an amazing location, you can’t beat it. It’s literally spitting distance from the lifts. You could actually see the main lift from our room! We had a beautiful view and a nice, clean room. It’s spacious and quiet – I slept really well. I didn’t hear anyone getting up in the mornings or going down to the ski room or anything. The service at the hotel is really good.
We weren’t planning on having half board, so we ate out quite a bit, but the food was fine. There were about 3 or 4 selections of buffet style mains. For a family it would be fine. There were lots of restaurants and bars around.
I didn’t realise how far down in the valley Mayrhofen is set! It took a while to get up to the top. But I had a good time, no complaints. If I came back in the future I would have no qualms about staying in this hotel again.

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Andrew Gardiner from Larbert has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 7 times

Fantastically located hotel

Reviewed 6 May 2014

If we went back to Mayrhofen, we would definitely consider staying in the Spa Hotel Strass again.
The food in the hotel was really nice - the way they do it is that you eat at the same table every morning and night (which some might like and others might not...). We found the staff were always really good and friendly and gave us a very good service.
You’re in a brilliant location for the Penkenbahn which is right next door and takes about 30 seconds to get to. You can’t ski back to the Spa Hotel but you can ski back to the side of Mayrhofen that it’s on and the ski buses are very efficient. The Ice Bar après ski bar is a really good bar that’s part of the hotel, but it closes at 11 so if anyone is concerned about the noise, it’s not a problem as the hotel isn’t opened late. We were here mid March during the Altitude comedy festival and the hotel and everywhere else was busy, so we did have a bit of noise late on at 2-3 in the morning, but it might depend on which room in the hotel you’re staying in.
One comment I would make - which is just our personal taste – we had to pay for half board which means food for the evening meal was included. The food was really nice and we did actually eat there 2 or 3 times, but we prefer to eat out and explore the local restaurants and did this on the other nights, so it would have been better to have B&B. The only other thing – and I think it’s an Austrian thing rather than a hotel thing – is that they’re allowed to smoke in the bars. They had some good music nights but you had to put up with everyone smoking, but I don’t think this is a reflection on the hotel.
The rooms were certainly clean and tidy and we had no issues at all in this department.
The Strass is definitely fine for couples, I was here with my wife and there were loads of other couples (as well as some bigger groups too).

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