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6 reviews of Chalet Monte Vera in St Anton, Austria.

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D. M. from Surrey has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 4 times

OK chalet, a bit far from the centre

Reviewed 6 Jun 2016

The chalet was fine, it’s a perfectly adequate place. The food was good, they did a great job there and the chef was nice. The location is a fair bit further than insinuated – it really is right out of town and took us a good 15-20 minutes to walk to the centre which was a bit of a pain. Otherwise the chalet staff were perfectly nice. The bedroom was fine in terms of space and storage, but the bathroom was a bit too small and pretty outdated, with a tiny box shower.

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Jack has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 3 times

Group stay @ Monte Vera

Reviewed 22 Apr 2016

We all thought the Monte Vera was great! The staff were really good chaps who helped us out when we needed it. I couldn’t rate the chef any higher, the food he cooked was amazing and he sorted us out with resort maps, giving us advice on where to go. The living area was really nice… Bedrooms didn’t have anywhere to dry clothes which would have been better, and the temperature wasn’t quite right. The spa stuff was great, it was just a shame there wasn’t a hot tub as they definitely had the room for one. The room would have been perfect with a hot tub but instead they had indoor sun loungers which I didn’t really get. The buses to get around in were a bit confusing at first but when we got the hang of them they were ok.

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Trudi Marriner has written 1 review and been voted helpful 1 time

Monte Vera

Reviewed 13 Oct 2014

We had a fantastic holiday, the chalet was lovely, it's right by the bus station so getting to the lifts was not a problem. The staff (Kerry, Thea and Andy) were very welcoming. They were very professional and accommodating when for example the other party of guests in our chalet turned up 45 mins late for supper with no warning!

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Butterworth group has written 1 review and been voted helpful 1 time

Jan 2013 full chalet booking

Reviewed 13 Oct 2014

Great comfortable high quality chalet with fab facilities, right next to the bus stop which makes it so convenient, yet an easy stroll down into the town at night.

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Rachel Mulheron from Cardiff has written 2 reviews and been voted helpful 4 times

Phenomenal food and great staff

Reviewed 16 May 2014

The chalet was lovely! The staff and the food were incredible. The chef was trained by Gordon Ramsey! So the food was honestly phenomenal, literally restaurant standard, and plenty of it. I’m not easy to please either. The whole chalet was great, the room was brilliant, the bed was comfortable, the décor was nice, the location was great – my only piece of criticism is that the sauna and steam room were never turned on and so they were never ready to use. This isn’t a huge criticism but it meant that we always had to ask the staff to turn them on and they weren’t ready for hours really. If we went back to St. Anton again we would definitely stay here again.
Some people might not like the location, which is in a quieter part of town, but I liked that. There was a ski bus which ran regularly and picked us up from outside the chalet. In the evenings we usually just split a taxi, they aren’t too expensive. It took about 10 minutes tops on the bus to get to the lifts/town. The chalet is very well placed in my opinion.

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Sno man from Sno Staff has written 171 reviews and been voted helpful 40 times

Luxury for a fraction of normal cost

Reviewed 1 Jan 2014

If you want cheap luxury in the top ski resort of Austria, Monte Vera is the place to stay. Less than 10 minutes walk from the piste, the bus can get you to the Nasserin lift (with access to the main piste) in just 3 minutes. The bedrooms and living space are a good size and stylish, and this property masters luxury relaxation, working out any knots in your aching muscles and keeping you fit for the following morning. We'd say that, if you can stay here, then do. NB: be sure to tell us if any of the spa/facilities are essential to your holiday, so we can check before you back whether they will be operating during your stay.

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