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Room Only
Flights Included
No Lift Pass
No Ski Rental
No Boot Rental
No Ski School

Location - where is Hotel Listel

About 2 min walk to slopes, shops & restaurants.

Overview - hotel description - Hotel Listel description

Located in the heart of Whistler village and close to all the outdoor activities and local restaurants.

Listel is conveniently positioned in the centre of the resort with all the amenities short walk away. Enjoy the famous Bearfoot bistro with its champagne lounge and the Vodka ice bar room for the taste of worlds Vodkas!

Facilities - Hotel Listel features

  • About 2 min walk to slopes, shops & restaurants.
  • Hot tub
  • Well known restaurant Bearfoot bistro serving great meals
  • The famous Belvedere Ice bar
  • Lift
  • Bar
  • Hot tub
  • Restaurant
  • WiFi

Room Types - bathrooms beds & sleeping

  • No. of rooms: 98
  • No. of buildings: 1
  • No. of floors: 3
  • No. of interconnecting rooms: 19
  • Official rating: 4
  • With choice of one king or 2 queen beds available with full bathroom
  • Hairdryer, ironing board, coffee and tea making facilities, electronic safe,in-room safe, telephone, satellite cable television and free wireless internet connection.

1 - 4 occ

Bedroom facilities

  • Cable or satellite programmes
  • Hairdryer
  • Room safe
  • Tea or coffee making facilities
  • Wireless internet


  • Lift accessible: Yes
  • Lift serves all floors: Yes
  • No. of steps into property: 6
  • Access ramp: Yes

Meals - food and drink in Hotel Listel

  • Continental breakfast
  • No of restaurants: 1
  • Distance to nearest restaurant serving dinner outside of property:

    On-site at the hotel

  • Dress code for restaurants:

    Smart casual

Board basis options available

  • Bed & Breakfast
We update Hotel Listel's details often, but facilities do change. e.g. some extras listed by the supplier as "free" or included might only be for the first time you use them, or for one time per party, then charged for further use. If any specific feature is essential to your holiday, make sure you ask us to confirm the details of it before you book your holiday.

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Sat 04 Dec 202104/12/21
£1109£834Special OfferDeal
Sun 05 Dec 202105/12/21
£1137£840Special OfferDeal
Mon 06 Dec 202106/12/21
£1146£846Special OfferDeal
Tue 07 Dec 202107/12/21
£1154£853Special OfferDeal
Wed 08 Dec 202108/12/21
£1164£859Special OfferDeal
Thu 09 Dec 202109/12/21
£1172£865Special OfferDeal
Fri 10 Dec 202110/12/21
£1271£992Special OfferDeal
Sat 11 Dec 202111/12/21
£1331£1052Special OfferDeal
Sun 12 Dec 202112/12/21
£1331£1022Special OfferDeal
Mon 13 Dec 202113/12/21
£1331£1022Special OfferDeal
Tue 14 Dec 202114/12/21
£1331£1022Special OfferDeal
Wed 15 Dec 202115/12/21
£1331£1022Special OfferDeal
Thu 16 Dec 202116/12/21
£1331£1022Special OfferDeal
Fri 17 Dec 202117/12/21
£1810£1192Special OfferDeal
Sat 18 Dec 202118/12/21
£1901£1370Special OfferDeal
Sun 19 Dec 202119/12/21
£1991£1418Special OfferDeal
Mon 20 Dec 202120/12/21
£2082£1416Special OfferDeal
Tue 21 Dec 202121/12/21
£2172£1394Special OfferDeal
Wed 22 Dec 202122/12/21
£2263£1582Special OfferDeal
Thu 23 Dec 202123/12/21
£2353£1620Special OfferDeal
Fri 24 Dec 202124/12/21
£2252£1587Special OfferDeal
Sat 25 Dec 202125/12/21
£2252£1587Special OfferDeal
Sun 26 Dec 202126/12/21
£2252£1667Special OfferDeal
Mon 27 Dec 202127/12/21
£2296£1527Special OfferDeal
Tue 28 Dec 202128/12/21
£2069£1402Special OfferDeal
Wed 29 Dec 202129/12/21
£1982£1406Special OfferDeal
Thu 30 Dec 202130/12/21
£1895£1310Special OfferDeal
Fri 31 Dec 202131/12/21
£1718£1194Special OfferDeal
Sat 01 Jan 202201/01/22
£1631£1178Special OfferDeal
Sun 02 Jan 202202/01/22
£1502£1092Special OfferDeal
Mon 03 Jan 202203/01/22
£1420£897Special OfferDeal
Tue 04 Jan 202204/01/22
£1220£897Special OfferDeal
Wed 05 Jan 202205/01/22
£1220£947Special OfferDeal
Thu 06 Jan 202206/01/22
£1220£897Special OfferDeal
Fri 07 Jan 202207/01/22
£1220£917Special OfferDeal
Sat 08 Jan 202208/01/22
£1220£927Special OfferDeal
Sun 09 Jan 202209/01/22
£1220£927Special OfferDeal
Mon 10 Jan 202210/01/22
£1220£897Special OfferDeal
Tue 11 Jan 202211/01/22
£1220£897Special OfferDeal
Wed 12 Jan 202212/01/22
£1220£897Special OfferDeal
Thu 13 Jan 202213/01/22
£1220£897Special OfferDeal
Fri 14 Jan 202214/01/22
£1220£897Special OfferDeal
Sat 15 Jan 202215/01/22
£1232£906Special OfferDeal
Sun 16 Jan 202216/01/22
£1244£915Special OfferDeal
Mon 17 Jan 202217/01/22
£1256£924Special OfferDeal
Tue 18 Jan 202218/01/22
£1268£933Special OfferDeal
Wed 19 Jan 202219/01/22
£1280£942Special OfferDeal
Thu 20 Jan 202220/01/22
£1292£951Special OfferDeal
Fri 21 Jan 202221/01/22
£1304£990Special OfferDeal
Sat 22 Jan 202222/01/22
£1394£1080Special OfferDeal
Sun 23 Jan 202223/01/22
£1394£1050Special OfferDeal
Mon 24 Jan 202224/01/22
£1394£1050Special OfferDeal
Tue 25 Jan 202225/01/22
£1394£1050Special OfferDeal
Wed 26 Jan 202226/01/22
£1364£1020Special OfferDeal
Thu 27 Jan 202227/01/22
£1364£1020Special OfferDeal
Fri 28 Jan 202228/01/22
£1364£1020Special OfferDeal
Sat 29 Jan 202229/01/22
£1364£1050Special OfferDeal
Sun 30 Jan 202230/01/22
£1364£1020Special OfferDeal
Mon 31 Jan 202231/01/22
£1364£1020Special OfferDeal
Tue 01 Feb 202201/02/22
£1364£1020Special OfferDeal
Wed 02 Feb 202202/02/22
£1394£1050Special OfferDeal
Thu 03 Feb 202203/02/22
£1394£1050Special OfferDeal
Fri 04 Feb 202204/02/22
£1394£1080Special OfferDeal
Sat 05 Feb 202205/02/22
£1494£1180Special OfferDeal
Sun 06 Feb 202206/02/22
£1494£1150Special OfferDeal
Mon 07 Feb 202207/02/22
£1794£1150Special OfferDeal
Tue 08 Feb 202208/02/22
£1794£1150Special OfferDeal
Wed 09 Feb 202209/02/22
£1794£1150Special OfferDeal
Thu 10 Feb 202210/02/22
£1794£1280Special OfferDeal
Fri 11 Feb 202211/02/22
£1794£1420Special OfferDeal
Sat 12 Feb 202212/02/22
£1824£1529Special OfferDeal
Sun 13 Feb 202213/02/22
£1824£1360Special OfferDeal
Mon 14 Feb 202214/02/22
£1817£1280Special OfferDeal
Tue 15 Feb 202215/02/22
£1810£1230Special OfferDeal
Wed 16 Feb 202216/02/22
£1803£1230Special OfferDeal
Thu 17 Feb 202217/02/22
£1796£1225Special OfferDeal
Fri 18 Feb 202218/02/22
£1790£1260Special OfferDeal
Sat 19 Feb 202219/02/22
£1814£1344Special OfferDeal
Sun 20 Feb 202220/02/22
£1809£1269Special OfferDeal
Mon 21 Feb 202221/02/22
£1504£1234Special OfferDeal
Tue 22 Feb 202222/02/22
£1404£1129Special OfferDeal
Wed 23 Feb 202223/02/22
£1404£1123Special OfferDeal
Thu 24 Feb 202224/02/22
£1404£1123Special OfferDeal
Fri 25 Feb 202225/02/22
£1315£1003Special OfferDeal
Sat 26 Feb 202226/02/22
£1315£1013Special OfferDeal
Sun 27 Feb 202227/02/22
£1315£1003Special OfferDeal
Mon 28 Feb 202228/02/22
£1315£983Special OfferDeal
Tue 01 Mar 202201/03/22
£1315£983Special OfferDeal
Wed 02 Mar 202202/03/22
£1315£983Special OfferDeal
Thu 03 Mar 202203/03/22
£1315£983Special OfferDeal
Fri 04 Mar 202204/03/22
£1315£1013Special OfferDeal
Sat 05 Mar 202205/03/22
£1315£1053Special OfferDeal
Sun 06 Mar 202206/03/22
£1315£1033Special OfferDeal
Mon 07 Mar 202207/03/22
£1315£983Special OfferDeal
Tue 08 Mar 202208/03/22
£1315£983Special OfferDeal
Wed 09 Mar 202209/03/22
£1315£983Special OfferDeal
Thu 10 Mar 202210/03/22
£1315£983Special OfferDeal
Fri 11 Mar 202211/03/22
£1315£1013Special OfferDeal
Sat 12 Mar 202212/03/22
£1315£1033Special OfferDeal
Sun 13 Mar 202213/03/22
£1315£1013Special OfferDeal
Mon 14 Mar 202214/03/22
£1315£983Special OfferDeal
Tue 15 Mar 202215/03/22
£1315£983Special OfferDeal
Wed 16 Mar 202216/03/22
£1315£983Special OfferDeal
Thu 17 Mar 202217/03/22
£1315£983Special OfferDeal
Fri 18 Mar 202218/03/22
£1355£1053Special OfferDeal
Sat 19 Mar 202219/03/22
£1355£1053Special OfferDeal
Sun 20 Mar 202220/03/22
£1355£1053Special OfferDeal
Mon 21 Mar 202221/03/22
£1355£1023Special OfferDeal
Tue 22 Mar 202222/03/22
£1338£1011Special OfferDeal
Wed 23 Mar 202223/03/22
£1321£999Special OfferDeal
Thu 24 Mar 202224/03/22
£1304£987Special OfferDeal
Fri 25 Mar 202225/03/22
£1287£1155Special OfferDeal
Sat 26 Mar 202226/03/22
£1270£1123Special OfferDeal
Sun 27 Mar 202227/03/22
£1253£1111Special OfferDeal
Mon 28 Mar 202228/03/22
£1236£1039Special OfferDeal
Tue 29 Mar 202229/03/22
£1236£1039Special OfferDeal
Wed 30 Mar 202230/03/22
£1236£1039Special OfferDeal
Thu 31 Mar 202231/03/22
£1388Special OfferDeal
Fri 01 Apr 202201/04/22
Sold Out 
Sat 02 Apr 202202/04/22
Sold Out 
Sun 03 Apr 202203/04/22
Sold Out 
Mon 04 Apr 202204/04/22
Sold Out 
Tue 05 Apr 202205/04/22
Sold Out 
Wed 06 Apr 202206/04/22
Sold Out 
Thu 07 Apr 202207/04/22
Sold Out 
Fri 08 Apr 202208/04/22
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Sat 09 Apr 202209/04/22
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Sun 10 Apr 202210/04/22
Sold Out 
This package holiday to Hotel Listel in Whistler, Canada departs Saturday 4th December 2021, for a 7 night stay on a "room only" board basis.

Resort - about Whistler - about holidays in Whistler - about ski holidays in Whistler - about ski holidays in Whistler Canada

Largest ski area in North America Consistently voted best in the world

Consistently voted near, if not at the top of almost every skier’s dream destination as well as most official rankings, Whistler has planted its roots very deeply and is there to stay. This monolithic resort has hosted events like the Winter Olympics and continues to draw in athletes, holidaymakers and anyone else who visits with an intense, immeasurable and undiminishing pull.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Snowboard

Great for Groups Families Non-skiers Snowboarders

Whistler webcam

Snow Report: Top 117cm, Bottom 117cm

Snow Forecast: 5cm expected this week

Snow History: April average depth 299.17cm

Whistler trail map

Approx. airport transfer times depend on conditions:

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)136km, 2 hours
Region:British Columbia, Canada
First opened:1966

Whistler lift pass price last reported as $624 (adult 6 day). Ask for a quote when booking Hotel Listel.
Night skiing:
Whistler has N S E W facing slopes.
Usually open for skiing Nov - May.

Town altitude: 675m
Top of slopes: 2284m
Bottom of piste: 675m
Vertical drop: 1530m
Total length of trails:4757 acres
Longest piste:11km
Established in 1966 the Canadian ski resort Whistler lies at 675 metres altitude in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Its pedestrianised streets, size and attractive architecture, the village at the base of the mountain perfectly match North America's largest ski area. Its diversity, buzzing vibe and class can be immediately sensed upon setting foot in the area. The myriad of bars, shops and restaurants open up the door of possibilities for the non-skier, whether it's perusing the vast range clothing st...
There is literally no best way to describe a ski area that spans two mountains and covers more than a colossal 8,000 acres. If you think you can’t find the right terrain for you here, you’re just too picky. Setting out on skis in this resort is an absolute dream; the ski school is fantastic, catering to the customer’s every need. The Magic Chair on Blackcomb is perfect for your first venture up the mountain after the carpet, or for the more confident novices, hit up the cruisy runs of Whiskey Jack and then...
Once again, Whistler has a huge choice of alternatives and extras to the skiing experience. The Meadow Park Sports Centre has a six-lane pool, leisure pool, sauna, steam room, indoor ice rink, squash courts and a fitness centre. Other Whistler activities include an outdoor skating rink at Whistler Olympic Plaza, snowshoeing trails and Whistler Skate Park. Whistler has hair and beauty salons, a museum, public library, laundry and dry cleaning services, cinema, fitness centres, massage and spa facilities. Ba...

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