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Bed & Breakfast
Flights Included
No Lift Pass
No Ski Rental
No Boot Rental
No Ski School

Location: where is Homewood Suites by Hilton

    • Central location on Plaza St Bernard main square
    • Few steps to the base of the lifts and ski school meeting place
    • Transfer Time: approx. 1.5 hours by coach from Montreal airport

Overview: hotel description: Homewood Suites by Hilton description

Doorstep skiing and a central location in Mont Tremblant makes the Homewood Suites a rightful favourite among guests. All rooms come with a fully-equipped kitchen and cosy fireplace so you feel right at home.

Steps From the Lifts

The hotel has a prime location at the base of the mountain on the Plaza St Bernard main square, right in the middle of town. You have the Express Flying Mile lift right on your doorstep.

Home From Home

There is a variety of room types to choose from and all come with a fully-equipped kitchen so you can cook up a storm. Breakfast is provided and complimentary tea and coffee is available throughout the day to warm you up after a day in the snow.

If you don't fancy cooking, head into Mont Tremblant which has plenty of great restaurants and cafes to offer.

Alternatively, kick back and relax at the hotel's sauna and outdoor hot tub.

Transfer Time: approx. 1.5 hours by coach from Montreal airport.

Distance of Homewood Suites by Hilton to Ski Lifts

See which Mont Tremblant ski lifts are nearest to Homewood Suites by Hilton.

  • Équilibre I magic carpet - 84m
  • Flying Mile Express chair lift - 97m
  • Équilibre II magic carpet - 137m
  • Télécabine Express gondola - 173m
  • Cabriolet gondola - 177m
  • Onésime magic carpet - 191m
  • Destination / Casino Express gondola - 302m
  • Porte du Soleil chair lift - 880m
  • TGV chair lift - 1388m
  • Soleil Express chair lift - 1966m
  • Lowel Thomas Express chair lift - 2651m
  • Duncan Express chair lift - 2682m
  • Edge chair lift - 3206m
  • Expo Express chair lift - 3640m

Navigating in Mont Tremblant can vary, as distances from Homewood Suites by Hilton to ski lifts are in a straight line.

Families: Homewood Suites by Hilton for children

  • Cots & linen
  • Highchairs in restaurant
  • Family friendly hotel

Facilities: Homewood Suites by Hilton features

  • Large outdoor hot tubs in a beautiful setting
  • Restaurant for lunch & dinner
  • Fireplace lounge
  • Coin-op laundry / dryer
  • Grocery service
  • Ski stands with lock (complimentary)
  • Lift
  • Wi-Fi

Included Linen, towels with twice weekly change, daily maid service and full weekly clean.

Room Types: Homewood Suites by Hilton bedrooms

  • No. of rooms: 100
  • No. of floors: 4
  • Official rating: 3


Studios sleep up to four people. They have a living area with queen-size pull-out wall bed and double sofa bed.

One Bedroom Apartments sleep two to four people. The bedroom has one queen or two double beds and the living area has a double sofa bed.

One Bedroom Apartments +Loft sleep two to six people. The bedroom has a queen-size bed and there's an open-plan loft with a double bed above the living area with a double sofa bed.

Bedroom Facilities

  • Full open-plan kitchen with four hot plates, oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, toaster, fridge
  • Fireplace
  • Bath and shower
  • Flat screen TV
  • Telephone
  • Lift accessible: Yes
  • Lift serves all floors: Yes
  • Access ramp: No

Top of the resort, on flat ground with easy access from the village.

Meals: Homewood Suites by Hilton food & drink

Hot and cold buffet breakfast included

Tea and coffee available all day

Board basis options available

  • Bed & Breakfast

This property caters for the following special dietary requirements

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegans
  • Vegetarians
We update Homewood Suites by Hilton's details often, but facilities do change. e.g. some extras listed by the supplier as "free" or included might only be for the first time you use them, or for one time per party, then charged for further use. If any specific feature is essential to your holiday, make sure you ask us to confirm the details of it before you book your holiday.

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Sun 15 Dec 202415/12/24
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Mon 16 Dec 202416/12/24
£1924£1614Special OfferDeal
Tue 17 Dec 202417/12/24
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Wed 18 Dec 202418/12/24
£2058£1946Special OfferDeal
Thu 19 Dec 202419/12/24
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Fri 20 Dec 202420/12/24
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Sat 21 Dec 202421/12/24
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Sun 29 Dec 202429/12/24
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Mon 30 Dec 202430/12/24
£1954£1735Special OfferDeal
Tue 31 Dec 202431/12/24
£1844£1475Special OfferDeal
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Fri 10 Jan 202510/01/25
£1391£1193Special OfferDeal
Sat 11 Jan 202511/01/25
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Sun 12 Jan 202512/01/25
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Mon 13 Jan 202513/01/25
£1391£1243Special OfferDeal
Tue 14 Jan 202514/01/25
£1391£1163Special OfferDeal
Wed 15 Jan 202515/01/25
£1391£1163Special OfferDeal
Thu 16 Jan 202516/01/25
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Fri 17 Jan 202517/01/25
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Sat 18 Jan 202518/01/25
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Sun 19 Jan 202519/01/25
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Mon 20 Jan 202520/01/25
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Tue 21 Jan 202521/01/25
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Wed 22 Jan 202522/01/25
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Thu 23 Jan 202523/01/25
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Fri 24 Jan 202524/01/25
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Sat 25 Jan 202525/01/25
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Sun 26 Jan 202526/01/25
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Mon 27 Jan 202527/01/25
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Tue 28 Jan 202528/01/25
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Wed 29 Jan 202529/01/25
£1391£1213Special OfferDeal
Thu 30 Jan 202530/01/25
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Fri 31 Jan 202531/01/25
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Sat 01 Feb 202501/02/25
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Sun 02 Feb 202502/02/25
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Mon 03 Feb 202503/02/25
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Sun 16 Feb 202516/02/25
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Mon 17 Feb 202517/02/25
£1997£1528Special OfferDeal
Tue 18 Feb 202518/02/25
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Sun 06 Apr 202506/04/25
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This package holiday to Homewood Suites by Hilton in Mont Tremblant, Canada departs Tuesday 18th February 2025, for a 7 night stay on a "bed & breakfast" board basis.

Resort: about Mont Tremblant: about holidays in Mont Tremblant: about ski holidays in Mont Tremblant: about ski holidays in Mont Tremblant Canada

Traffic free village Award-winning resort Evenly mixed terrain

Family-focused and Quebec’s skiing capital, this is one of North America’s oldest, most loved resorts. Whether it’s the brightly coloured village, Franco-Canadian atmosphere or another thing entirely, there’s something seriously enchanting about Mont Tremblant – a ski town like no other where maple taffies meet Savoie fondues.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Snowboard

Great for Families Doorstep skiing Short transfer

Mont Tremblant webcam

Snow Report: Top 123cm, Bottom N/Acm

Snow Forecast: 23cm expected this week

Snow History: December average depth 31cm

Mont Tremblant trail map

Approx. airport transfer times depend on conditions:

Mont Tremblant International airport61 km, 50 mins
Montreal134 km, 90 mins
Region:Quebec, Eastern Canada
First opened:1939

Mont Tremblant lift pass price last reported as $109 (Adult one day). Ask for a quote when booking Homewood Suites by Hilton.
Night skiing: No
Mont Tremblant has N S E W facing slopes.
Usually open for skiing Nov - April.

Town altitude: 645m
Top of slopes: 875m
Bottom of piste: 230m
Vertical drop: 645m
Total length of trails:78.9km
Longest piste:6km
While the surrounding Laurentian Mountains haven't changed for millennia, the resort had an Alpine-style facelift in the early nineties, an enormous success. Tremblant has won the title of 'Best Eastern North American resort' from Ski Magazine countless times. Catch the Cabriolet lift for a fantastic birds-eye view of the car-free village, which looks like nowhere else on earth at the foot of the Tremblant Mountain. Best described as the skiing world's endearing answer to Disneyland, Tremblant consists of c...
The ski area’s spread over four different sides: Versant Nord (the North Side) and Le Edge, then Versant Sud (South Side) and Versant Soleil. We love that green, blue and black runs are mixed throughout, so everyone can enjoy the full area. Many of the runs are graded as advanced, like Cossak, but in Europe would be classed as a red. In Versant Nord, the Expo chairlift takes you halfway up to a few blues, blacks and the lovely “Sissy Schuss” green. Hop on the Duncan Express for direct access to the top, ...
Le Shack is excellent for an après ski quencher – and on warmer days, the live music outside really adds to the atmosphere. La Diable’s home-brewed beers and hearty comfort food also go down a treat after a long day on the hill. If you’re craving some French favourites, Creperie Catherine has a terrific menu, and La Savoie provides the all-important ski holiday fondue and raclette. There’s no shortage of Canadian specialities - anyone with a sweet tooth absolutely must try maple taffy (a lollipop made ...

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