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Overview - hotel description - Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido description

For your holiday in Japan, Club Med invites you to discover Hokkaido, the northernmost island of the archipelago. You’ll be enchanted by the beauty of the Hokkaido Resort, amid exotic and sumptuous landscapes – mountains, plains, rivers and lakes.

Families - any extra notes for parents with children

With the benefit of over 40 years’ Club Med experience behind it, our Resort proposes innovative clubs for children and teenagers:
Dedicated areas specifically designed for their needs, and equipment designed with a view to comfort and safety
G.O®s with a passion for their job(1)
Skiing or snowboard lessons given by professional ski instructors, creative activities and games for the different age groups
Opening hours that allow parents to make the most of their day’s skiing, and respect the children’s desires and sleeping patterns
For information: the children’s clubs are open all week.
(1)In France, G.O®s with a BAFA (State diploma for youth group leaders) or childcare qualification, depending on the age of the children; in other countries, an equivalent local diploma or relevant experience.

Age-specific clubs

Petit Club Med® (2 to 3 years) (ON DEMAND)
To be sure your children’s holiday experience is as unique as yours, we’ve devised a Club Med tailored just for them!
Run by experienced G.O®s, Petit Club Med® proposes a host of different activities for all age groups – creative, artistic, active and fun.
The children explore and discover talents and friendships in an environment made to measure.
At Petit Club Med®, our G.O®s cater to their needs all day long, with a children’s lunch menu and specially devised evening activities.
From 8.30 am to 5 pm and from 6.45 pm to 8.30 pm, every day

Mini Club Med® (4 to 10 years) (INCLUDED)
We've thought of everything possible to ensure your children have a unique, adventure-packed holiday, with discovery, sports and activities for each age group:
Sport: with their ski school instructors, the children can discover the pleasures of skiing at their own pace
Making things: art and crafts
Expression: singing, dance, music, preparing shows, crazy signs
Play: group games and activities
Lunch and tea
Evening: after dinner with their friends, the children enjoy specially devised evening activities
From 8.30 am to 5 pm and from 6.45 pm to 8.30 pm, every day

Junior Club Med (11 to 17 years) (INCLUDED)
Teenagers can meet up and take part in the activities that interest them most, in the company of their G.O®:
Sports activities: Alpine skiing or snowboarding lessons
Artistic activities: shows, crazy signs
Evening: entertainment, films, shows
From 9.30 am to 7 pm and from 7 pm to 8.30 pm, every day

Hotel amenities and facilities for kids

We’ve done everything in our power to ensure the comfort and well-being of babies and parents.
Personal welcome, baby-care material available in your room and/or in the baby feeding and equipment room (cot, changing mat, baby bath, high chair on request, bottle-warmer), sweet and savoury baby foods, baby corner equipped to prepare babies' meals, high chairs and/or booster cushions in the restaurant. Spare pushchairs are also available if required.

BABY CORNER (From 4 to 23 months) (INCLUDED)
This baby corner, located in the main restaurant, proposes sweet and savoury baby foods and all the equipment necessary for preparing your babies' meals.

PLAYGROUND (From 4 months to 10 years) (INCLUDED)
The playgrounds independent of the children's club facilities are open to children accompanied by their parents.

PYJAMAS CLUB® (From 4 months to 7 years) (ON DEMAND)
The Pyjamas Club® leaves parents free to organise their evening as they wish. This group babysitting service run by experienced G.O®s in a dedicated area provides all the necessary comforts (beds, daybeds, video area, etc).

SNOW GARDEN (From 4 to 10 years) (INCLUDED)
From 4 years old, participants learn to ski, with circuits around figurines and under hoops; they learn to use the ski tow and snow belt.

Facilities - Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido features

The largest Sports School in the world is all yours! Exceptional sports and group lessons for all levels of skill. Beginners and experienced sportsmen enjoy exclusive, fun teaching from G.O®s trained in their discipline. Indulge yourself to the extreme and discover new emotions.
Fitness School

• Alpine skiing School • Snowboarding School • Table tennis • Yoga • Stretching • Tennis • Weights and cardio room • Swimming-Pool • Squash

Wellness galore, at the service of your serenity.
Immerse yourself in a moment of total relaxation and intense well-being.
Equipment: • Individual and duo treatment rooms • Zen area

Room Types - bathrooms beds & sleeping


Comfortable and elegant Club accommodation. All the rooms have futons (Japanese-style bed on tatami).
Surface: 27 m² - 37 m²
Guests: 1 - 9 persons
• Security safe(s)
• Telephone
• U.S. electrical sockets / 110 Volts
• Television(s)
• Fan
• Bathroom


A spacious Deluxe Room offering generous comfort in an elegant atmosphere. Some of the bedrooms have futons (Japanese-style bed on tatami).
Surface: 29 m² - 37 m²
Guests: 1 - 6 persons
• Bottle of water
• Your luggage delivered to and picked up from your room
• Slippers
• Housekeeping scheduled at the time of your choice
• Bathrobe
• Hair dryer
• Security safe(s)
• Telephone
• U.S. electrical sockets / 110 Volts
• Fan
• Shower
• Minibar
• Ironing kit


A spacious and elegant Suite which ensures you of premium comfort, equipped with futons (Japanese-style bed on tatami).
Surface: 64 m² - 64 m²
Guests: 1 - 6 persons
• Bottle of water
• Your luggage delivered to and picked up from your room
• Slippers
• Housekeeping scheduled at the time of your choice
• Bathrobe
• Guest amenities
• Inclusive of room service for continental breakfast
• Drycleaning service at extra cost
• Hair dryer
• Security safe(s)
• Telephone
• U.S. electrical sockets / 110 Volts
• Expresso machine
• Television(s)
• Bathrobes
• Fan
• Bathroom
• Radio / CD / MP3 player
• Minibar
• Ironing kit

Meals - food and drink in Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido

Each country has its own gastronomy, with sweet, savoury or spicy specialities. Discover a host of new flavours during your stay, and let your imagination lead the way, from breakfast through to dinner. Make the most of our Open Bar and Snacks formula.
In line with Japan local law, Club Med is only allowed to serve alcoholic drinks to our guests above 20 years old.
The Daichi
Your senses will receive a delicate awakening thanks to the international dishes with a special focus on traditional Japanese cuisine served at The Daichi's buffet.
Parents can prepare meals for their little ones in the Baby Zone in this restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere.
Mina Mina
Try the local "nabe" experience on offer in this speciality restaurant on Hokkaido Island. "Nabe" is a traditional Hokkaido soup served in a heated pot on the table, into which various ingredients are added one by one. It's a dish for all the family, and more of a concept than an actual recipe! The restaurant has a modern Japanese feel, with views through large windows. Price includes
Drinks served by the glass and at the bar only: water, fruit juices and sodas, hot drinks and cocktails with and without alcohol, wines and local and international spirits.
A selection of sweet and savoury snacks.
In line with Japan local law, Club Med is only allowed to serve alcoholic drinks to our guests above 20 years old.
At extra cost
Champagnes, VSOP and XO spirits, bottled and canned drinks are available from vending machines in some of our Resorts and/or at the Club Med Boutique.
Certain super-premium brands and bottled wines are also available à la carte in some of our restaurants and bars.
The Wakka
Enjoy stunning mountain views while sipping a refreshing beverage amidst elegant Japanese décor in this stylish bar. When the sun goes down, we offer a lounge-like atmosphere where staff will serve you the snack of your choice. For a family affair, feel free to treat your kids to non-alcoholic drinks and sweets in our designated children's area.
We update Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido's details often, but facilities do change. e.g. some extras listed by the supplier as "free" or included might only be for the first time you use them, or for one time per party, then charged for further use. If any specific feature is essential to your holiday, make sure you ask us to confirm the details of it before you book your holiday.

Availability - dates & airports - dates & departure airports - hotel dates & departure airports - Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido dates & departure airports

Price per person with: Prices shown are per person based on: Prices shown are per person based on: The prices shown here are per person and based on the following criteria:
Fri 30 Nov 201830/11/18
£1463£1222Special OfferDeal
Sat 01 Dec 201801/12/18
£1463£1222Special OfferDeal
Sun 02 Dec 201802/12/18
£1552£1295Special OfferDeal
Mon 03 Dec 201803/12/18
£1641£1369Special OfferDeal
Tue 04 Dec 201804/12/18
£1730£1443Special OfferDeal
Wed 05 Dec 201805/12/18
£1818£1518Special OfferDeal
Thu 06 Dec 201806/12/18
£1873£1592Special OfferDeal
Fri 07 Dec 201807/12/18
£1960£1666Special OfferDeal
Sat 08 Dec 201808/12/18
£2047£1740Special OfferDeal
Sun 09 Dec 201809/12/18
£2184£1856Special OfferDeal
Mon 10 Dec 201810/12/18
£2321£1973Special OfferDeal
Tue 11 Dec 201811/12/18
£2458£2089Special OfferDeal
Wed 12 Dec 201812/12/18
£2596£2207Special OfferDeal
Thu 13 Dec 201813/12/18
£2733£2323Special OfferDeal
Fri 14 Dec 201814/12/18
£2871£2440Special OfferDeal
Sat 15 Dec 201815/12/18
£3007£2556Special OfferDeal
Sun 16 Dec 201816/12/18
£3155£2682Special OfferDeal
Mon 17 Dec 201817/12/18
£3305£2809Special OfferDeal
Tue 18 Dec 201818/12/18
£3454£2936Special OfferDeal
Wed 19 Dec 201819/12/18
£3605£3064Special OfferDeal
Thu 20 Dec 201820/12/18
£3754£3191Special OfferDeal
Fri 21 Dec 201821/12/18
£3904£3318Special OfferDeal
Sat 22 Dec 201822/12/18
£4053£3445Special OfferDeal
Sun 23 Dec 201823/12/18
£4053£3445Special OfferDeal
Mon 24 Dec 201824/12/18
£4053£3445Special OfferDeal
Tue 25 Dec 201825/12/18
£4053£3445Special OfferDeal
Wed 26 Dec 201826/12/18
£4221Special OfferDeal
Thu 27 Dec 201827/12/18
£4221Special OfferDeal
Fri 28 Dec 201828/12/18
£4221Special OfferDeal
Sat 29 Dec 201829/12/18
£6161Special OfferDeal
Sun 30 Dec 201830/12/18
£3866Special OfferDeal
Mon 31 Dec 201831/12/18
£3511Special OfferDeal
Tue 01 Jan 201901/01/19
£3156Special OfferDeal
Wed 02 Jan 201902/01/19
£2802Special OfferDeal
Thu 03 Jan 201903/01/19
£2464Special OfferDeal
Fri 04 Jan 201904/01/19
£2162Special OfferDeal
Sat 05 Jan 201905/01/19
£1861Special OfferDeal
Sun 06 Jan 201906/01/19
£1861Special OfferDeal
Mon 07 Jan 201907/01/19
£2189£1861Special OfferDeal
Tue 08 Jan 201908/01/19
£2189£1861Special OfferDeal
Wed 09 Jan 201909/01/19
£2189£1861Special OfferDeal
Thu 10 Jan 201910/01/19
£2189£1861Special OfferDeal
Fri 11 Jan 201911/01/19
£2189£1861Special OfferDeal
Sat 12 Jan 201912/01/19
£2189£1861Special OfferDeal
Sun 13 Jan 201913/01/19
Sold Out 
Mon 14 Jan 201914/01/19
Sold Out 
Tue 15 Jan 201915/01/19
Sold Out 
Wed 16 Jan 201916/01/19
Sold Out 
Thu 17 Jan 201917/01/19
Sold Out 
Fri 18 Jan 201918/01/19
Sold Out 
Sat 19 Jan 201919/01/19
Sold Out 
Sun 20 Jan 201920/01/19
£1902£1587Special OfferDeal
Mon 21 Jan 201921/01/19
£1907£1621Special OfferDeal
Tue 22 Jan 201922/01/19
£1947£1655Special OfferDeal
Wed 23 Jan 201923/01/19
£1987£1689Special OfferDeal
Thu 24 Jan 201924/01/19
£2027£1723Special OfferDeal
Fri 25 Jan 201925/01/19
£2067£1757Special OfferDeal
Sat 26 Jan 201926/01/19
£2107£1791Special OfferDeal
Sun 27 Jan 201927/01/19
£2268£1928Special OfferDeal
Mon 28 Jan 201928/01/19
£2431£2066Special OfferDeal
Tue 29 Jan 201929/01/19
£2591£2202Special OfferDeal
Wed 30 Jan 201930/01/19
£2753£2340Special OfferDeal
Thu 31 Jan 201931/01/19
£2914£2477Special OfferDeal
Fri 01 Feb 201901/02/19
£3087£2624Special OfferDeal
Sat 02 Feb 201902/02/19
£3276£2785Special OfferDeal
Sun 03 Feb 201903/02/19
£3087£2624Special OfferDeal
Mon 04 Feb 201904/02/19
£2914£2477Special OfferDeal
Tue 05 Feb 201905/02/19
£2753£2340Special OfferDeal
Wed 06 Feb 201906/02/19
£2591£2202Special OfferDeal
Thu 07 Feb 201907/02/19
£2431£2066Special OfferDeal
Fri 08 Feb 201908/02/19
£2268£1928Special OfferDeal
Sat 09 Feb 201909/02/19
£2107£1791Special OfferDeal
Sun 10 Feb 201910/02/19
£2067£1757Special OfferDeal
Mon 11 Feb 201911/02/19
£2027£1723Special OfferDeal
Tue 12 Feb 201912/02/19
£1987£1689Special OfferDeal
Wed 13 Feb 201913/02/19
£1947£1655Special OfferDeal
Thu 14 Feb 201914/02/19
£1907£1621Special OfferDeal
Fri 15 Feb 201915/02/19
£1867£1587Special OfferDeal
Sat 16 Feb 201916/02/19
£1827£1553Special OfferDeal
Sun 17 Feb 201917/02/19
£1771£1505Special OfferDeal
Mon 18 Feb 201918/02/19
£1716£1459Special OfferDeal
Tue 19 Feb 201919/02/19
£1690Special OfferDeal
Wed 20 Feb 201920/02/19
£1634Special OfferDeal
Thu 21 Feb 201921/02/19
£1577Special OfferDeal
Fri 22 Feb 201922/02/19
£1520Special OfferDeal
Sat 23 Feb 201923/02/19
£1463Special OfferDeal
Sun 24 Feb 201924/02/19
£1463Special OfferDeal
Mon 25 Feb 201925/02/19
£1463Special OfferDeal
Tue 26 Feb 201926/02/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Wed 27 Feb 201927/02/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Thu 28 Feb 201928/02/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Fri 01 Mar 201901/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Sat 02 Mar 201902/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Sun 03 Mar 201903/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Mon 04 Mar 201904/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Tue 05 Mar 201905/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Wed 06 Mar 201906/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Thu 07 Mar 201907/03/19
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Fri 08 Mar 201908/03/19
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Sat 09 Mar 201909/03/19
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Sun 10 Mar 201910/03/19
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Mon 11 Mar 201911/03/19
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Tue 12 Mar 201912/03/19
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Wed 13 Mar 201913/03/19
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Thu 14 Mar 201914/03/19
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Fri 15 Mar 201915/03/19
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Sat 16 Mar 201916/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Sun 17 Mar 201917/03/19
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Mon 18 Mar 201918/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Tue 19 Mar 201919/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Wed 20 Mar 201920/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Thu 21 Mar 201921/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Fri 22 Mar 201922/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Sat 23 Mar 201923/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Sun 24 Mar 201924/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Mon 25 Mar 201925/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Tue 26 Mar 201926/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Wed 27 Mar 201927/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Thu 28 Mar 201928/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Fri 29 Mar 201929/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Sat 30 Mar 201930/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
Sun 31 Mar 201931/03/19
£1438£1222Special OfferDeal
This all inclusive holiday to Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido in Sahoro, Japan departs Thursday 7th December 2017, for a 7 night stay on a "all inclusive" board basis.

Resort - about Sahoro - about holidays in Sahoro - about ski holidays in Sahoro - about ski holidays in Sahoro Japan

All-inclusive accommodation Small ski area Excellent piste maintenance

Experience the Japanese ski scene in Hokkaido’s small resort of Sahoro – home to corduroy pistes, thick forest and the all-singing, all-dancing Club Med resort.

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Snowboard

Great for Families Quiet resort

Sahoro webcam

Snow Report: Top cm, Bottom cm

Snow Forecast: cm expected this week

Snow History: April average depth cm

Sahoro trail map

Approx. airport transfer times depend on conditions:

New Chitose Airport (CTS)125km, 1h40
Tokachi–Obihiro Airport (OBO)85km, 1h20
Region:Hokkaido, Japan
First opened:

Sahoro lift pass price last reported as 28,980 yen (adult 6 day). Ask for a quote when booking Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido.
Night skiing: Yes
Sahoro has S SE facing slopes.
Usually open for skiing December - April.

Town altitude: 420m
Top of slopes: 1030m
Bottom of piste: 420m
Vertical drop: 610m
Total length of trails:22km
Longest piste:3km
Head to Hokkaido - the northernmost island of Japan - and slap bang in the middle, surrounded by wilderness in the Hidaka Mountain range is Sahoro. As a ski resort, this one’s a tiddler, that took to the spotlight during the 1972 Sapporo Winter Olympics (the first ever held in Asia). There’s no buzzing ski town or quaint mountain village – just a handful of hotels and restaurants which cleverly cover all you’d need for a week on the mountain and more (the Club Med hotel is moments from the nearest lift). The...
There aren’t dozens of them, but the pistes you can ski here are gloriously groomed twice a day to ensure everyone enjoys the corduroy. The easiest of the beginner terrain can be found in the lower parts of the resort, where the two fastest quad chairs serve green runs - South Road and Central Road are the gentlest out of the 9 available. South Road is short and sweet and Central Road nice and long if you’re looking to build up a rhythm. South Street is the longest of the lot at 2.7km and curves around th...
The best bars can be found as part of the local hotels, which tend to put on their own evening entertainment. On previous years, we’ve enjoyed the Wakka Bar in the Club Med hotel which has stunning views over the surrounding mountains, transforming into a nightclub from 11pm-2am for night owls. Otherwise, it’s all about activities - go on the Kasumi Waterfall snowshoe trek, looking out for Ezo deer along the way or have a go at tree climbing in the forest using a rope system and harness. Horse riding ...

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