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Overview - hotel description - Club Med Kiroro Grand description

Located on the Northern Island of Hokkaido, Club Med Kiroro Grand welcomes you into a hidden white powder paradise. Explore unspoilt nature by snow trekking or take your ski experience to the next level and carve through some of the best quality snow in the area. Experience moments of wellness by soaking in a Rotenburo outdoor hot bath or a natural Japanese Onsen. Connect with the local culture and learn about the indigenous Ainu, the first settlers in Hokkaido, on one of our many excursions.
Club Med Kiroro Grand welcomes families of all ages with kids facilities for 2 years old and above.

What's Included

All your meals are included in your stay: breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Club Med offers a wide range of cuisine, a buffet of flavours from around the world and specialty restaurants with table service.
Enjoy everything from a comforting coffee in the morning, through to an ice-cold beer in the afternoon, topped off with cocktails come sunset. Drinks and snacks served all-day!
Winter sports are at the heart of the Club Med experience. Ski lessons, snowboard or snowshoeing. Learn from G.O® experts in their fields.

Skiing at Club Med is the ultimate hassle-free experience. The lift pass and group lessons are included in your stay. Most of our ski resorts are located at the foot of the slopes with ski-in ski-out access.

Families - any extra notes for parents with children

In Kiroro, the mountains and forests are under a blanket of white. At Petit Club, 2 and 3 years olds discover all the delights the wintery mountains have to offer. At Mini Club Med, children 4 to 10 years old, gain confidence as they indulge in sport and creative endeavours as they ski or snowboard down the slopes for their first time. The teenagers at Junior Club Med have action-packed days filled with ski or snowboard and snow activity as they socialize and nuture their own creativity.

Facilities - Club Med Kiroro Grand features

  • Skiing down the slopes enjoying one of the best powder snow in the world.
  • Sharing delicious meals featuring Japanese-French Fusion cuisine.
  • Discovering the local flavours, with tasting sessions of Hokkaido sake and beers at the distilleries.
  • As an après-ski, enjoying the relaxing effects of the warmth water of Rotenburo outdoor bath or natural hot springs of Japanese onsen and reinvigorate.

Room Types - bathrooms beds & sleeping

An artistic Resort surrounded by unspoiled and pristine nature. Immerse yourself in the unconventional, enchanted forest inspired design - through a harmonious blend of Japanese tradition and contemporary touches amidst natural landscapes.

Room Types: Superior / Deluxe / Suite


Superior Room (36 m². Maximum capacity: 2 people)

Junior Family Superior Room (37 - 40 m². Maximum capacity: 3 people)

Family Superior Room (42 - 44 m². Maximum capacity: 4 people)


Junior Family Deluxe Room (43 - 51 m². Maximum capacity: 3 people)

Junior Family Deluxe Room - Tatami (65 m². Maximum capacity: 3 people)


Junior Family Suite (60 - 67 m². Maximum capacity: 4 people)

Master Family Suite (139 - 149 m². Maximum capacity: 5 people)

Meals - food and drink in Club Med Kiroro Grand


Yoichi - Main restaurant

The International Restaurant at Club Med Kiroro Grand is a versatile space with flexible themed zones and 4 dining rooms for guests to enjoy an international spread, expertly whipped up by our internationally trained chefs.

The Ebisu* - Sushi specialty restaurant

Gather with friends at our Sushi Specialty Restaurant for a casual dine-in experience after a day out from skiing. Enjoy a balanced yet sumptuous meal paired with local drinks such as sake or shochu to warm up your body and end off the perfect day. *At extra cost

The Kaen* - Yakiniku specialty restaurant

Indulge in a sumptuous grilled feast, with our must try Kuroge Wagyu* Cross Karubi a well marbled thin sliced beef that is succulent, or our Boneless Short Rib, both from our renowned Tokachi farm in Hokkaido. Paired with fresh Hokkaido vegetables and local rice, it’ll be a hearty meal to remember.​ *At extra cost

The Ogon - Asian Specialty Restaurant​

Specialising in a savoury mix of Chinese and Thai cuisine, spoil yourself as you go on a gastronomical adventure around Asia at our Asian Specialty restaurant. Featuring fresh Otaru seafood and Hokkaido meat and vegetables, get ready for the mouth watering flavours to excite your tastebuds.​


Yotei - Main bar

Unwind with your friends and turn up the heat with a host of entertainment, stage performances and games at the Main Bar as you drink through ​the night.​

We update Club Med Kiroro Grand's details often, but facilities do change. e.g. some extras listed by the supplier as "free" or included might only be for the first time you use them, or for one time per party, then charged for further use. If any specific feature is essential to your holiday, make sure you ask us to confirm the details of it before you book your holiday.

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Sat 09 Dec 202309/12/23
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Sun 10 Dec 202310/12/23
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Mon 11 Dec 202311/12/23
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Tue 12 Dec 202312/12/23
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Wed 13 Dec 202313/12/23
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Thu 14 Dec 202314/12/23
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Fri 15 Dec 202315/12/23
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Sat 16 Dec 202316/12/23
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Sun 17 Dec 202317/12/23
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Mon 18 Dec 202318/12/23
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Tue 19 Dec 202319/12/23
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Wed 20 Dec 202320/12/23
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Thu 21 Dec 202321/12/23
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Fri 22 Dec 202322/12/23
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Sat 23 Dec 202323/12/23
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Sun 24 Dec 202324/12/23
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Mon 25 Dec 202325/12/23
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Tue 26 Dec 202326/12/23
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Wed 27 Dec 202327/12/23
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Thu 28 Dec 202328/12/23
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Fri 29 Dec 202329/12/23
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Sat 30 Dec 202330/12/23
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Sun 31 Dec 202331/12/23
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Mon 01 Jan 202401/01/24
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Tue 02 Jan 202402/01/24
£4784£3118Special OfferDeal
Wed 03 Jan 202403/01/24
£5191£3065Special OfferDeal
Thu 04 Jan 202404/01/24
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Fri 05 Jan 202405/01/24
£5053Special OfferDeal
Sat 06 Jan 202406/01/24
£4963Special OfferDeal
Sun 07 Jan 202407/01/24
£4914Special OfferDeal
Mon 08 Jan 202408/01/24
£4913£3045Special OfferDeal
Tue 09 Jan 202409/01/24
£4912Special OfferDeal
Wed 10 Jan 202410/01/24
£4910Special OfferDeal
Thu 11 Jan 202411/01/24
£4909Special OfferDeal
Fri 12 Jan 202412/01/24
£4907Special OfferDeal
Sat 13 Jan 202413/01/24
£4872Special OfferDeal
Sun 14 Jan 202414/01/24
£4872Special OfferDeal
Mon 15 Jan 202415/01/24
£4838Special OfferDeal
Tue 16 Jan 202416/01/24
£4805Special OfferDeal
Wed 17 Jan 202417/01/24
£4771Special OfferDeal
Thu 18 Jan 202418/01/24
£4738Special OfferDeal
Fri 19 Jan 202419/01/24
£4685Special OfferDeal
Sat 20 Jan 202420/01/24
£4666Special OfferDeal
Sun 21 Jan 202421/01/24
£4647£2745Special OfferDeal
Mon 22 Jan 202422/01/24
£5440£2733Special OfferDeal
Tue 23 Jan 202423/01/24
£5417£2722Special OfferDeal
Wed 24 Jan 202424/01/24
£4590£2711Special OfferDeal
Thu 25 Jan 202425/01/24
£5373£2700Special OfferDeal
Fri 26 Jan 202426/01/24
£5373£2700Special OfferDeal
Sat 27 Jan 202427/01/24
£5373£2700Special OfferDeal
Sun 28 Jan 202428/01/24
£5505£2766Special OfferDeal
Mon 29 Jan 202429/01/24
£5638£2832Special OfferDeal
Tue 30 Jan 202430/01/24
£5770£2899Special OfferDeal
Wed 31 Jan 202431/01/24
£5903£2965Special OfferDeal
Thu 01 Feb 202401/02/24
£5134£3031Special OfferDeal
Fri 02 Feb 202402/02/24
£5460£3223Special OfferDeal
Sat 03 Feb 202403/02/24
£5786£3415Special OfferDeal
Sun 04 Feb 202404/02/24
£5999£3540Special OfferDeal
Mon 05 Feb 202405/02/24
£3666Special OfferDeal
Tue 06 Feb 202406/02/24
£3791Special OfferDeal
Wed 07 Feb 202407/02/24
£6679Special OfferDeal
Thu 08 Feb 202408/02/24
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Fri 09 Feb 202409/02/24
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Sat 10 Feb 202410/02/24
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Sun 11 Feb 202411/02/24
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Mon 12 Feb 202412/02/24
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Tue 13 Feb 202413/02/24
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Wed 14 Feb 202414/02/24
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Thu 15 Feb 202415/02/24
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Fri 16 Feb 202416/02/24
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Sat 17 Feb 202417/02/24
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Sun 18 Feb 202418/02/24
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Mon 19 Feb 202419/02/24
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Tue 20 Feb 202420/02/24
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Wed 21 Feb 202421/02/24
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Thu 22 Feb 202422/02/24
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Fri 23 Feb 202423/02/24
£3706£2525Special OfferDeal
Sat 24 Feb 202424/02/24
£3648£2492Special OfferDeal
Sun 25 Feb 202425/02/24
£3593£2458Special OfferDeal
Mon 26 Feb 202426/02/24
£3503£2428Special OfferDeal
Tue 27 Feb 202427/02/24
£3409£2398Special OfferDeal
Wed 28 Feb 202428/02/24
£3317£2344Special OfferDeal
Thu 29 Feb 202429/02/24
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Fri 01 Mar 202401/03/24
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Sat 02 Mar 202402/03/24
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Sun 03 Mar 202403/03/24
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Mon 04 Mar 202404/03/24
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Tue 05 Mar 202405/03/24
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Wed 06 Mar 202406/03/24
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Thu 07 Mar 202407/03/24
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Fri 08 Mar 202408/03/24
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Sat 09 Mar 202409/03/24
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Sun 10 Mar 202410/03/24
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Mon 11 Mar 202411/03/24
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Tue 12 Mar 202412/03/24
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Wed 13 Mar 202413/03/24
£3648Special OfferDeal
Thu 14 Mar 202414/03/24
£3514£2078Special OfferDeal
Fri 15 Mar 202415/03/24
£3431£2029Special OfferDeal
Sat 16 Mar 202416/03/24
£3394£2008Special OfferDeal
Sun 17 Mar 202417/03/24
£3394Special OfferDeal
Mon 18 Mar 202418/03/24
£3394Special OfferDeal
Tue 19 Mar 202419/03/24
£3394Special OfferDeal
Wed 20 Mar 202420/03/24
£3394£2800Special OfferDeal
Thu 21 Mar 202421/03/24
£2800Special OfferDeal
Fri 22 Mar 202422/03/24
£2800Special OfferDeal
Sat 23 Mar 202423/03/24
£2602Special OfferDeal
Sun 24 Mar 202424/03/24
£3371£1994Special OfferDeal
Mon 25 Mar 202425/03/24
£3347£1980Special OfferDeal
Tue 26 Mar 202426/03/24
£3324£1966Special OfferDeal
Wed 27 Mar 202427/03/24
£3300£1953Special OfferDeal
Thu 28 Mar 202428/03/24
£3277£1939Special OfferDeal
Fri 29 Mar 202429/03/24
£3254£1925Special OfferDeal
Sat 30 Mar 202430/03/24
£3230£1911Special OfferDeal
Sun 31 Mar 202431/03/24
£1886Special OfferDeal
Mon 01 Apr 202401/04/24
£1861Special OfferDeal
Tue 02 Apr 202402/04/24
£1836Special OfferDeal
Wed 03 Apr 202403/04/24
£1811Special OfferDeal
Thu 04 Apr 202404/04/24
£1787Special OfferDeal
Fri 05 Apr 202405/04/24
£1762Special OfferDeal
Sat 06 Apr 202406/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Sun 07 Apr 202407/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Mon 08 Apr 202408/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Tue 09 Apr 202409/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Wed 10 Apr 202410/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Thu 11 Apr 202411/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Fri 12 Apr 202412/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Sat 13 Apr 202413/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Sun 14 Apr 202414/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Mon 15 Apr 202415/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Tue 16 Apr 202416/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Wed 17 Apr 202417/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Thu 18 Apr 202418/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Fri 19 Apr 202419/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Sat 20 Apr 202420/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Sun 21 Apr 202421/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Mon 22 Apr 202422/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Tue 23 Apr 202423/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Wed 24 Apr 202424/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Thu 25 Apr 202425/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Fri 26 Apr 202426/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Sat 27 Apr 202427/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
Sun 28 Apr 202428/04/24
£1737Special OfferDeal
This all inclusive holiday to Club Med Kiroro Grand in Kiroro, Japan departs Wednesday 24th April 2024, for a 7 night stay on a "all inclusive" board basis.

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