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Storlien Map & Travel

Driving directions to and from Storlien in Sweden.

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NB: Driving Directions and Routes don't reflect road closures or local / seasonal effects of Swedish weather (e.g. driving in snow or mountain pass closures). Routes driving to Storlien are used at your own risk. Created with Google maps API

Local town and regional Swedish maps 2 and 3

Local Map 1 Storlien map

Local Map 2 Storlien map

Airport Transfers and Travel Times

The nearest airport to Storlien in Sweden is Vaernes (Trondheim) at a distance of approximately 70km. The Vaernes (Trondheim) to resort transfer time is approximately ? with good road, traffic and weather conditions.

Nearest Airports Airport Distance Approx. Tansfer Time
Vaernes (Trondheim) to ski resort transfer 70km ?
to ski resort transfer km
Nearest Stations Station Distance Approx. Tansfer Time
Storlien station to resort 0km 0 minute

Tips on safe driving to Storlien ski resort in Sweden

Before driving to Storlien ski resort in Sweden, check local traffic laws to ensure you're carrying mandatory driving equipment (a set of requirements for driving in Sweden) and "winter driving equipment" (a different set of requirements for driving in the snow or the Swedish mountains in the winter) such as snow chains, hi-visibility vests, spare light bulbs and warning triangles. Each country has different laws - a big fine for being poorly equipped is an easy way to squander the saving you made on your superb value Sno holiday!

NB: Fitting snow chains for the first time can be tricky - learning to fit them at night, in a blizzard, on a busy and narrow Storlien mountain road can be deadly. Learn how to fit snow chains to your car before you drive to Storlien. If you are not confident driving on snow, don't risk it - book an airport transfer with one of the incredibly skilled and incredibly good value local drivers.

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